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It’s that time of year when we once again attempt to peer into the future and predict what’s waiting for us just around the corner.

We can take a measured, logical approach when it comes to foreseeing how certain trends in technology usage and innovation will continue to transform not only business but also the way we live.

In fact, some of the changes we can expect to see in the near future are so obvious, other magazines and news articles have spotted them too.

Here’s a selection of just a few of these revelatory commentaries.


Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predictions For 2020 From IDC and Forrester

Forbes, Gil Press


Emerging technologies are high-risk technologies. In 2020, warns Forrester, 3 high-profile PR disasters will “rattle reputations,” as the potential areas for AI malfunction and harm will multiply: The spread of deepfakes, incorrect use of facial recognition, and over-personalization. By 2021, predicts IDC, 15% of customer experience applications will be continuously hyper personalized by combining a variety of data and newer reinforcement learning algorithms.

Accentuating the positive, Forrester is nevertheless confident that “these imbroglios won’t slow AI adoption plans next year. Instead, they will highlight the importance of designing, testing, and deploying responsible AI systems — with sound AI governance that considers bias, fairness, transparency, explainability, and accountability.”

IDC predicts that by 2022, possibly as a result of a few high-profile PR disasters, over 70% of G2000 companies will have formal programs to monitor their ‘digital trustworthiness’ as digital trust becomes a critical corporate asset.


12 reasons 2020 will be an awesome year

Innovation on NBC News, Clay Dillow


An expert’s look ahead at synthetic human brains, moon mining and more.

All new screens will be ultra-thin OLEDs

Display tech moves incredibly fast. There will certainly still be some “antique” LCD monitor screens hanging around in 2020, but as far as new stock is concerned, it’s easy to see the entire industry shifting to paper-thin OLED surfaces, many with touch capability.

“So surfaces will become computational,” Liebhold says. “walls, mirrors, windows. I think that’s legitimate.”

PopSci Predicts: “Give that one a high probability,” Liebhold says. Done.

A $1,000 computer will have the processing power of the human brain

Cisco’s chief futurist made this prediction a couple of years ago, and it seems reasonable in some ways. Not intelligence, really, but purely the “ability, the number of cycles,” as Liebhold puts it, is on track given Moore’s Law.

PopSci Predicts: Likely.


Future Gaming Technology Predictions for 2020

Techfunnel, Danni White


Increasing use of augmented reality, or AR.

Like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality has been around for a while, but it has yet to be fully utilized in connection with video games. The wild success of Pokémon Go only gave us a hint of the potential that this future video game technology has in store. Augmented reality can be used with gaming apps through smartphones as in the case of Pokémon Go, or it may be used with virtual reality/augmented reality headsets and future game consoles. Another future video game technology augmented reality can be used with is through a wearable device such as a smartwatch or Google Glass.


9 Future Technology Predictions By 2050:What is Going To Happen?

Tekkibytes, Soumik Ghosh


Internet will be free for everyone:

Internet is really the key driver these days. We can’t think much without it. But it is also a reality that despite its huge popularity, it isn’t free for everyone yet, even though there is a constant competition going on to bring down the expense on internet. According to The Economic Times, 46.8 per cent of the total global population has the internet reach.

Attempts like Facebook’s Free Basics has been made. It didn’t work for now, but there is a very strong possibility that internet will be free for everyone in the near future.


20/20 vision for the 2020 CIO


CIOs must evolve to lead successfully during the digital era

It’s a new world, one in which the “I” in CIO is no longer just about “information,” but also about innovation, ideation, investment and social interactions. CIOs require renewed strategic wherewithal to:

• Apply artificial intelligence to drive workload transformation within the IT organization and the business.

• Drive relevancy by building collaboration within and beyond traditional dimensions.

• Construct secure infrastructures that protect resources and assets.

• Broker new ideas, anticipating future events and acting with agility.


IBM, Intel tease 2020’s specialist chips: Power9 ‘bandwidth beast’ – and Spring Crest Nervana neural-net processor

The Register, Katyanna Quach


I got the Power

Let’s start with IBM. It revealed the latest and final design for its Power9 family: the Advanced IO or AIO, which is due out in 2020. This 14nm part was supposed to be out this year, and when it eventually shows up, it will sport up to 24 SMT4 cores, and have a max sustained system memory bandwidth of 650GB/s, according to Big Blue.

We’re also told it supports OpenCAPI 4.0. You can see how it compares to its Power9 siblings below, in a slide from IBM’s Hot Chips presentation – click to enlarge any picture.

Note also the upcoming Power10, now slated for 2021, that will use PCIe 5.0 and, well, there are not many other details on that yet.


What does 2020 hold for you and your business as a service provider?


2020 Predictions; The Year of Energy

“Automation, AI, and robotics move deeper into the organisation, closer to the customer, and, more profoundly, into the very makeup and operations of the company”

Of course, we’re all aware of the vast array of Technology Energy that’s becoming increasingly available. But as the Forrester Report explains, there’s also Consumer Energy to take into account. For instance, consumers are becoming ever-more values-based, constructing personal ecosystems and forcing firms to take sides on social issues.

Even Security Energy will have profound consequences. For industrial and nation-state cyber risks are surging and, in some cases, merging.

2020 could well become the year of a dynamic move from prudent investments to breakout growth, as companies convert and build upon the potential energy built up in 2019.

Then again, it could also see the emergence of further protections of existing markets, a time of eking out only small gains. The real leaders of 2020 can only be those capable of accurately predicting how the year will unfold and spotting the most profitable areas to invest in.


Embracing the Future

Modernisation, transformation, revolution, disruption: whatever you wish to call it, it’s all happening with an increasing and quite often bewildering speed.

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