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Written by: Travis Wright

Many industries are being disrupted by blockchain.  Blockchain isn’t just a fancy buzzword and not all blockchains come with a cryptocurrency.  Many blockchains are working in the enterprise space and changing their industry.

A couple of weeks ago, I was part of an IBM webinar that focused on the music industry specifically, and how blockchain is changing the music industry from within.

Enter Axispoint.  Axispoint developed the first global, deals-based music publishing system for a major publisher, partnering with EMI Music Publishing in 2002 to build a global synchronization licensing system, and then again from 2006 – 2012 to build a suite of custom enterprise music publishing systems to replace legacy systems that had been running for over twenty years.

Now they are doing it again with Blockchain and IBM.

Pretend you’re in a band.  You are the lead singer and songwriter.  I am your drummer.  I’m an amazing drummer.  You have a bassist and a lead guitar player, as well.  We can’t forget that you also have a producer and a manager.  You could conceivably sell your music directly to consumers without a middle man.  Or, if you work with a big label, they could divide your revenue more fairly.

Every time your new song gets played you earn a penny, let’s say.  Since you write the songs, you get 20% for that, 15% for being the singer, I get 15% for being the drummer, the bassist gets 15%, the guitarist gets 15%, the producer gets 10% and your manager gets 10%.

By using the blockchain and utilizing a smart contract, every time your song is played, those payouts could happen automatically.

There have been several blockchain startups trying to fix this problem through various “ICOs” over the past two and a half years. ‌Companies like Musiconomi, Musicoin, Oju, Blokur and many others have tried to beat a big enterprise to the punch.

However, Axispoint is different in that they have already been working with large music companies for the greater part of the last 2.5 decades.  In December 2018, Axispoint joined the Open Music Initiative, whose mission is to use technology to provide accuracy and transparency to how music rights owners are identified and compensated.

Axispoint has been working closely in partnership with IBM and are developing the next generation music rights ownership platform.

With IBM Blockchain you can disrupt many industries, not just music.  Look at all of the industries that are being disrupted by blockchain.  And enterprise blockchain is here to stay.  IBM is the framework that’s making it happen.

To watch the full webinar, The Music Business of Blockchain, check it out here.


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