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Cloud, Big Data, Analytics and the Four Vs

Mike Briercliffe


Big Data has become “Fast Data” – actionable insights derived in seconds by use of advanced analytics from volumes of information that would have been impenetrable in anything like the same timescale ten years ago.

But nothing stands still, and the critical opportunity for Big Data and Analytics developers to continue to contribute to the Cloud journey will be largely decided, in my view, by their ability to extract actionable business insights from the very specific challenges identified by data scientists as the “Four Vs”: Volume, Velocity, Veracity, Variety.


The Journey to AI part part II / part III

Nicolas Babin


More and more businesses hire data scientists to help them with data value and relevance.

These scientists create very useful AI models that will then be shared with business owners and create reports that will benefit concretely P&L analysis, HR and Operations optimisation, as well as greater ROI.

Once these models are created, many companies are faced with challenges in operationalising them to attain broader business value.

This means that very often models are made by people who have thought about the best way (thinking on paper) to improve results, though once faced with business reality may well be challenged to put them in place.


Hey, You, Come Into My Cloud! What Data & Analytics Needs to Succeed

Mike Briercliffe


According to the Forrester research, some 45% of respondents say data and analytics will become the most important factor for business competitiveness in the next three years – a definite strategic asset.

So you can almost feel the frustration radiating out of the report when, simultaneously, they complain that they struggle with integration and core data management capabilities, citing a lack of platforms for developing advanced models, and poorly integrated tools.

Essentially, the potential power of Analytics to accelerate insights and support ‘right first time’ decision-making is being hamstrung by these integration issues.


Cloud Systems: The IT Architecture for the Future

Mike Briercliffe


Remember “Grid Computing” (the use of huge numbers of computers inter-netted networked together for processing power), “Utility Computing” (IT supply akin to electricity, gas and water), and “ASP” (application service provision)?

They are terms that have been popularly subsumed into the general cloak of “Cloud”, with at least one of them representing an approach that really isn’t “Cloud” as we think we know it at all, in my opinion.

“Software as a Service” has largely avoided becoming thus cloaked – and “PaaS” (platform), “IaaS” (infrastructure) and also other “XaaS” FLAs (four letter acronyms) were/are frequently born out of this Cloud approach.


The Infrastructure Alliance – Legacy Solved with Flexibility

Neil Cattermull


Whilst having robust management, deployment, security and networking is a must, fast reliable (and scalable) compute and storage is also critical for enterprise technology to provide the ground roots of computing environments for your data workloads.

Last but not least your enterprise IT environments need additional future proofing services available for easy upgrading and overall management of services running in and around your IT estate as well as giving you a set of helping hands when you need it.

So who are the collective that has formed the infrastructure alliance to overcome all of the above?

VMWare, Juniper, Lenovo, and IBM.


Seven significant announcements from IBM Think 2019


In a keynote covering what Ginni Rometty dubs ‘chapter two’ for digital transformation, she explains that we’re now coming out of the experimentation stage and can start to focus on gaining speed and scale.

“I think this chapter two of digital and AI is about scaling now and embedding it everywhere in your business. I think this chapter two, when it comes to the cloud, is hybrid. And this chapter two is driven by mission-critical apps. But underpinning it, for all of us, is a chapter two in trust.”

Ginni Rometty, IBM Chairman, President and CEO


Try IBM SPSS Statistics now

IBM SPSS Statistics is a fast, powerful and comprehensive set of statistical tools designed to help your clients solve their business and research problems through – amongst many other capabilities – ad-hoc analysis and hypothesis testing.

Delivering a robust set of features empowering the extraction of actionable insights, IBM SPSS Statistics ensures a thorough analysis and better understanding of an organisation’s data via a user-friendly interface.

Available for Windows and Mac operating systems, IBM SPSS Statistics also enables the selection and management of software with flexible deployment options, including extensions enabling the integration with open-source software.


Take a free 1-year trial of IBM Cloud Object Storage

Designed to support exponential data growth and cloud-native workloads, IBM Cloud Object Storage features built-in high-speed file transfer capabilities, cross-region offerings, and integrated services, enabling the secure leveraging of an organisation’s data.

Providing flexible, cost-effective and practically limitlessly scalable cloud storage for unstructured data, all managed and accessed via a simple self-service portal, IBM Cloud Object Storage can be trailed for one whole year, free of any charge.

It is commonly used for data archiving and backup, for web and mobile applications, and as scalable, persistent storage for analytics.


Test-drive IBM QRadar: Get your free trial

In a world where cybercriminals are continually working to exploit vulnerabilities in your networks and systems, ensuring you have the ultimate visibility and control is vital.

An enterprise security information and event management (SIEM) product, IBM QRadar collects and aggregates an organisation’s log data to perform real-time analysis and identity threats, known and unknown.

What’s more, you can trial QRadar absolutely free.

So go beyond individual alerts and apply AI to benefit from actionable insights and accelerate investigation processes by 50%.


BASE Media Cloud: cutting-edge managed cloud services


All companies desire being able to work smarter and more cost effectively, and every day, businesses around the world are realising the value of having their workloads in the cloud.

BASE Media Cloud offer their clients the best of both worlds, moving clients’ workloads to pay-as-you-go cloud services and looking after everything from: Backup and file transfer, Processing

Storage, Post-production in the cloud, and Distribution.

What they’re essentially providing is end-to-end media workflows in the cloud.


IBM & Howdoo – Smart social on the Blockchain


Users of Howdoo can connect with family, friends, their favourite artists, brands, and businesses on a platform that delivers a unique experience where engagement with people and advertising is rewarded with µDoos, the currency of Howdoo.

These can be exchanged for cash or used on the platform to buy products or leave tips to say thank you to people and channels they love.

They can also subscribe to exclusive content from their favourite musicians, podcasters, and artists.


Build powerful AI chatbots with Watson Assistant and Watson Discovery


Watson Discovery provides you with a set of APIs that allow you to build an end-to-end cognitive data pipeline to quickly find value in data.

The solution can be used to enhance cognitive search and cognitive analytics.

During the webinar, you will see a demo of the AI applications and receive a code walkthrough from IBM Watson experts.


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