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Written by: Neil Cattermull

Last month I had the pleasure of hosting a recorded webinar with 4 of my favourite companies. A new alliance was recently created that from the outset may seem a bit unusual. This alliance consist of four technical vendors that have bonded together to tackle an age old problem – Legacy!

Legacy applications

We all have them in one shape or form, that application you simply cannot live without, cannot migrate in fear of breaking it, and cannot replace without costing you an arm and a leg as well as the uncertainty of it simply not working as it should after being replaced! We all know that Cloud based infrastructure, from a green field perspective, just makes sense but what about the historic applications that seem too monolithic to migrate? Legacy applications and workloads that have layers upon layers of dependencies built over years surrounding them that makes migrating to a cloud infrastructure just seem impossible.

Not all technology can/will be cloud ready and it also depends on where your own journey to a digital transformation begins or ends. But if there was IT Infrastructure that could bridge the gaping chasm between legacy and total cloud immersion with a path to migrate in the future would you take it? Of course you would.

A new approach

Four very well-known technical vendors have teamed up to provide a solution to enterprise technical challenges that include the age old legacy application problem. Who are they? Well before we discuss them let’s look at the challenges in overcoming the obstacles that relate not just to legacy infrastructure and applications but to achieving a true digital transformation within any business.

Orchestration plays a major part in any modern IT Infrastructure today. Virtualisation is the mainstay for the deployment and orchestration of any flexible enterprise IT environments so it makes sense that one of the Infrastructure alliance members be expert within this field.

Network and security is another major part of the Enterprise IT challenge with multiple touch points with software defined networking also becoming the normal operational state for connectivity to heterogeneous environments, additional skills and equipment is also required to achieve robust security and connectivity.

Whilst having robust management, deployment, security and networking is a must, fast reliable (and scalable) compute and storage is also critical for enterprise technology to provide the ground roots of computing environments for your data workloads.

Last but not least your enterprise IT environments need additional future proofing services available for easy upgrading and overall management of services running in and around your IT estate as well as giving you a set of helping hands when you need it.

So who are the collective that has formed the infrastructure alliance to overcome all of the above?

VMWare       Juniper          Lenovo          IBM

Now that I have set the scene with enterprise IT challenges, the constant struggle of overcoming legacy technology and applications let’s take a deeper dive into the technology that combats these tough business IT issues and watch a recent webinar each representative of the team (and yours truly) discussing the “how’s and why’s” of using this approach of collaboration to achieve business IT success – Click here for the deep dive webinar, you wont be disappointed!

Watch The Webinar

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