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The world’s proving ground for next-generation innovators and all those who thrive on consumer technologies, this year’s CES conference in Las Vegas has once again introduced a whole new range of new gadgets destined to change our lives.

If you were lucky enough to be there, then taking a selfie would have been ridiculously easy; utilising face-recognition tech, the AirSelfie drone follows you around as you move.

So, too, does your luggage, thanks to ForwardX Robotics ‘Ovis’ self-navigating suitcase, with its multiple on-board cameras.

Come to that, why waste time walking, when you could be effortlessly riding around on Segway’s self-balancing motorised egg? A two-wheeler, it still uses the familiar gyroscopic self-balancing tech, but you can be comfortably seated this time.

Maybe, though, you’d prefer to be riding around on Wello’s solar-powered electric tricycle, protected from the elements by a solar roof.

Either way, now you’ve taken your seat, let’s takes a more complete look around the event.


Vehicles galore

‘Smart’ vehicles are everywhere.

Fisker’s Ocean is an all-electric SUV with a ‘California mode’, where all the windows and sunroof roll down to let you make the most of all that glorious sunshine. Mercedes’ Vision AVTR features 33 flaps simulating reptile-like scales, transparent doors, and a graphene-based battery. It even moves sideways!

Self-driving comes courtesy of Russian-based Yandex, who’ve kitted out cars that have covered over 1.5 million miles on the road without a driver behind the wheel. BMW makes the car experience all about the passenger, however, with its i3 Urban Suite boasting an enormous armchair, coffee table, and footrest.

Sony’s Vision-S electric car comes with 33 powerful sensors, 360o audio, and a dashboard flanked by an ultra-wide panoramic touch screen interface used to control the navigational panel and entertainment options. Similarly, Byton’s M-Byte electric SUV comes with a massive 48-inch display, while Bosch’s autostereoscopic process grants a 3D display no matter where you’re sitting.

Then there’s the strategically placed front- and side-facing cameras of the Continental Transparent Hood, which allows drivers to see obstacles and terrain that would otherwise be outside of their view.

And now, even if you’re a motorcyclist, you can benefit from a similar level of enhanced heads-up display.

Both Tali’s and Jarvish X-AR’s Smart Helmets provide voice-activated rear views, weather forecasts, and navigational directions.


Sound and Vision

LG’s transparent OLED displays have moved into the car, office, and even airplanes.

They can either act as a cabin partition, or cover walls to grant a sense of spaciousness.

There are bendable OLED displays too, along with plastic tablets, while the OLED microdisplays utilised in Panasonic’s VR goggles ensure they really are glasses rather than a bulky headset.

Samsung’s Sero TV spins around to offer a vertical display of Instagram or TikTok videos relayed from a phone, and channel changing requires hardly any thought at all, as NextMind’s headband monitors your visual cortex.

Meanwhile, if you can tap your fingers, Samsung’s SelfieType gives you an invisible keyboard to play with, while the virtual instrument of Joué PLAY let you create a beat, add some bass, then top it off with a guitar riff.

Stranger still, BassMe’s gadget straps to your sternum to transform your ribcage into a subwoofer, delivering low-frequency sound.


Time for a beer and bite to eat

The Juno Chiller from Matrix Technologies utilises the Peltier effect to chill a can of beer in two minutes, or a regular 750ml bottle of wine in five.

Then there’s CookingPal’s Julia smart cooking system, which weighs, peels, chops, whisks, kneads, blends, grinds, grates, mixes, and then cooks it all for you too. Afterwards, it cleans itself.

And if you’re eating Impossible Foods’ plant-based Impossible Pork, you’re taking in only half the usual calories as it’s made using haem, a molecule derived from plants.

But who’ll be bringing your food over?

PuduTech’s BellaBot is a robot cat with four trays, each capable of bearing up to 10kg of food. Meanwhile UBTech’s newly-updated Walker bot pushes a cart, pours liquid, and carries heavy loads, up or down stairs.

Now, do your teeth need a quick brush?

Oral-B’s 3D-mapping toothbrush shows where you haven’t brushed, while Colgate’s version uses in-built sensors to highlight plaque.

Maybe it’s time, too, to check your watch, if only to make sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard.

You get 12 hours of GPS training with the Suunto 7, while Withings ScanWatch comes with a tiny OLED display, an ECG (electrocardiogram) heart monitor, and a blood oxygen sensor.


Your health is important to us

Dyslexics see mirrored images while attempting to read; and so the Abeye Lexilens uses specially designed electronic lenses to filter it all out, with instantaneous results.

The Lexilight lamp, on the other hand, emits pulses of light that enable one eye to gain power over the other, working for 90% of dyslexics.

For the otherwise visually-impaired, OrCam’s MyEye attaches to a pair of glasses, utilising machine vision to read out text. The same company’s Hear leverages artificial intelligence to employ lip reading and voice isolation to help the hard of hearing.

And if you’re only real problem is weight and posture, then Mateo’s smart bathroom comes with a mat that notifies you when you’re letting things slip.


Your best friend’s health

Exercising your dog is easy when you can let it roam free inside a virtual fence you’ve created using a GPS-enabled collar. Just make sure you’ve also strapped on the Inupathy, which lets you know whether your dog is stressed, interested, excited, or relaxed, all via a heart-monitoring LED display.

As for cats, LuluPet’s AI Smart Cat Litter Box analyses everything your pet discards to ensure they’re in top condition.


Time for home

Hyundai and Uber’s S-A1 is a vertical takeoff and landing flying taxi.

It can whisk you back in no time to your AI protected home, where the bee drones of the Sunflower Home Awareness System, and your Parcel Guard smart mailbox, ensure everything’s safe and secure.’s voice-controlled wheels can move your tables and chairs around if you’re feeling tired after a busy day. But if you still think you might have trouble sleeping, then the Urgonight headband tracks your over-active brainwaves to suggest the exercises that will ensure you drift off.

Then let the four inflatable airbags of the Tenminds Motion Pillow gently adjust to and turn your head; and you’re assured a snore-free night.

What will they think of next?

You can keep track of all the latest innovations here.

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