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The healthcare industry is difficult to penetrate when it comes to the application of emerging technologies; often being regarded as impersonal and often unable to tackle the deeper challenges.

It’s a world in which a human touch and face-to-face contact is valued highly, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a viable path for technology. Far from it.

Here are four articles about technology adoption in healthcare and the areas service providers like you could be working in with clients over the next few years, and beyond:


#1 How Mercy Hospital Network saved $4.3 million with nursing analytics dashboard

By @SiwickiHealthIT

No one can argue that hospitals are under constant pressure to work with a limited budget. So, finding ways to increase revenue and/or decrease losses without sacrificing care quality can be especially difficult, especially if you don’t have proper visibility of the inner workings of your business.

Mercy Hospital in Missouri were using inappropriate software systems to monitor nursing labour usage, and the data the system gave them didn’t give them the confidence to decide on effective actions.

With a comprehensive analytics solution they were not only able to monitor labour leakage effectively, they could also identify the actions required to reduce it, saving them $4.3 million in just one year.


#2 Blockchain buzz is only growing louder in healthcare

By @GusVlahos

With conversations getting louder on the topic of Blockchain, its applications could offer strong potential in a number of key areas, particularly in healthcare.

As the healthcare gradually makes a move to a more technologically integrated world, the amount of data it collects grows with it. And when it comes to exchanging that data, keeping it secure is of paramount importance; especially considering the increased focus on legislation around data protection and data breaches.

IBM Watson Health is also studying the potential benefits of Blockchain for the healthcare industry – making this an area for interesting developments in the next few years.


#3 How Big Data allows pre-emptive healthcare to prevent disease

By @ryankhgb

We’re continually finding new ways of collecting data, and as we begin to understand more about the data we collect, we can move further from the one size fits all methodologies and start thinking about more focused approaches to treatments.

And with increased understanding of diseases, centralised data sets and the application of artificial intelligence, we can even start to tackle diseases at the pre-emptive level.

Not only would better data management systems help improve health, diagnosis efficiency and save money, but it could open the door to completely different processes across the healthcare industry as a whole.


#4 Healthcare analytics market will be worth nearly $54 billion by 2025, report says

By @jeff_e_lagasse

It always takes time for innovation and technology to find a meaningful way into any industry, even in those considered quite separate from the modern world.

But as the power of solutions based on the value of analytics demonstrate their potential in so many industries, speculation over what those solutions could bring to healthcare is helping generate ideas for application.

And with the healthcare analytics market predicted to be worth as much as $54 billion by 2025, the future for this industry looks set to be a very interesting one, full of exciting developments.


So, what do these examples mean for a service provider like you?

Healthcare is a unique environment full of complexity and barriers, but also ripe for opportunity. The key to solving important problems and improving lives is through proper understanding.

Healthcare experts are looking for service providers like you to help them understand their goals and barriers and overcome them with meaningful, agile and cost-effective solutions. Once dominated by simple pen and paper, the industry is receptive to the power of innovative technologies such as cloud, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and is placing increased trust in smarter, stronger security systems. It’s undergoing a transformation.

By starting at the beginning with your clients, and with IBM’s growing ecosystem of solutions and support at your disposal, you can create the foundations for ongoing development, innovation and success.

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