Six significant announcements from Think 2018 - AI - Blockchain - Watson Assistant - 5 in 5

We’ve taken six of the most popular articles to come out of the IBM Think 2018 event, to help you get up to speed with the new solutions, partnerships, and research unveiled at the conference.


#1 IBM launches a cheaper platform for start-ups to build blockchain projects

By @Ryan_Browne_ @CNBC

Blockchain has been at the forefront of technology trends for a while now, so it was only right that IBM took to the stage at Think 2018 to unveil its new blockchain platform for start-ups.

Allowing start-ups and developers to build their own distributed ledger projects, this new product from IBM is a cheaper alternative to the current enterprise plan for SMEs looking at developing blockchain applications with ease.

The launch is also great news for service providers working with customers who are looking for a blockchain application tailored towards their needs.

You can read more about the blockchain platform in the article and try it for free now by clicking here.


#2 IBM wants to open up the deep learning expertise bottleneck

By Peter Sayer @ITWorld

Wanting to lower the barrier to entry for machine learning capabilities, IBM launched Deep Learning as a Service during the Think 2018 event.

Acknowledging the lack of human expertise in training artificial intelligence within enterprises, Deep Learning as a Service will help organisations by training AI for their specific business model, through automated tuning as part of the new IBM Watson Studio offering.

For service providers, Watson Studio and Deep Learning as a Service provide scope for new opportunities with enterprises that are missing the internal expertise to train AI to automate their business processes.

Read more about Watson Studio and Deep Learning as a Service in the article, to understand how the solutions can help you secure new business with just one set of AI tools in your as-a-service portfolio.

You can also watch the launch of Watson Studio here. 


#3 IBM launches Watson Assistant to help developers build conversational user experiences

By @janakiramm @Forbes

The conference also saw IBM announce Watson Assistant – a new addition to its cognitive computing platform.

This service enables developers to build digital assistants that can interact through conversational user experience.

As an enhancement to the existing IBM Cloud Service previously known as Conversation, the API in the improved version allows newer conversational flow combined with natural language understanding.

Read the article to understand how organisations in various industries are already using Watson Assistant to improve their business processes and how it could benefit your customers. 


#4 Apple, IBM add machine learning to partnership with Watson-Core ML coupling

By @Ron_Miller @TechCrunch

IBM and Apple have been working together for a few years now, building hundreds of enterprise apps running on iOS devices. And at Think 2018, IBM announced they are taking the partnership to a new level to combine IBM Watson machine learning with Apple Core ML to make the enterprise apps running on Apple devices much more intelligent.

For developers, this is an exciting step towards bringing improved and accelerated capabilities to users for a greater experience.

Developers will be able to take advantage of the Core ML integration to quickly and easily build intelligent applications and leverage the cloud where it’s delivered. And to make life even simpler, IBM also announced a new cloud console, which will simplify the connection between the Watson model building process and insert that model in the application running on the Apple device.

Read the full article now, to learn more about the extended Apple and IBM partnership and how it will benefit both developers and application/iOS device users.


#5 New IBM report predicts 5 technologies that will change the world in the next 5 years

By @aemeek @BGR

Along with new products and services unveiled at Think 2018 was the ‘5 in 5’ research report, which predicts five innovative technologies that will transform our world within the next five years.

The research findings predict crypto-anchors, quantum computing, AI-powered robot microscopes, lattice cryptography and biased-AI will all make waves in the coming years.

This post gives more detail to transformative technologies discussed at the event, but you can also find out more in our blog here, or by watching the replay of the Think 2018 ‘5 in 5’ session.


#6 IBM unveils ‘world’s smallest computer’ with blockchain at Think 2018

By @MCSquared96 @MashableUK

During the first day of Think 2018, IBM revealed the ‘world’s smallest computer’, which, at 1mm x 1mm, is literally smaller than a grain of salt.

Despite its miniature size, this revolutionary computer has the same computing power as the x86 chip from 1990 and packs in several hundred thousand transistors that allow it to monitor, analyse and act on data – making it the ideal data source for blockchain applications.

Although IBM is unsure of when the tiny computer will be released to the world, this is what the future of computing looks like.

To learn more about the ‘world’s smallest computer’, read the article and watch the video here.


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