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The topic of security is reaching higher levels of attention than ever. From the first Trojan virus to today’s DDoS attacks, the threats we open our news feeds to are evolving almost every day. But while these attacks pose incredibly serious and far-reaching consequences, they also present an opportunity, especially if you’re a managed service provider.

The focus on exploiting any vulnerabilities in big corporations, government networks and the financial industry has shifted; today organisations of any size or age are in scope. What we’re seeing is that if there’s potential for any kind of gain or disruption, nearly all business are eligible targets, particularly as a growing number handle sensitive information and don’t yet have the sophisticated defences the big players do.

Unfortunately, many businesses are in a position where they haven’t considered adopting a robust security strategy. And with an explosion of complex and advanced threats occurring in recent years, they’re left struggling without the people or resources necessary to enforce the security measures they really need.

The good news is that cybersecurity awareness is on the rise. The world is starting to accept the reality that it’s an evolving factor in day-to-day life, and as vital a part of the business model as the business itself. The education sector is also starting to create more official opportunities for learning; making cybersecurity an increasingly recognised and demanded vocation.

However, even though we’ve already seen a large boom in augmented jobs, skill sets and attitudes, it’s predicted that there will still be a requirement to fill millions of jobs in the security space. So, now is the time to act.

Customers are turning to MSPs to fill their gaps in security; with solutions and services designed to prevent, identify and respond to the ongoing and developing attacks we’re witnessing and experiencing. They’re looking for providers like you.

There has been a significant increase in revenue through the provision of security services from delivering simple solutions on-premise all the way through to the complete portfolio of SaaS. Solutions should also offer flexibility, such as providing enterprise-class technologies to smaller organisations that they may not otherwise be able to afford or operate.

It’s possible to start in one area and then grow into others, including simply complementing your existing solutions.


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