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Having a better understanding of data and bringing new insights to the table is the key to success in this data-driven world.

And in this context, predictive analytics therefore has the potential to deliver a major impact to businesses – both yours and your clients. But do you know what it really means?

Predictive analytics is incredibly important because it shows you where you can go based on the analysis of trends, patterns and relationships in data.

Simply put: predictive analytics uses historical data to predict what will happen next. Knowing what’s most likely to happen next can improve so many areas of a business, including:

  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Fraud detection
  • Marketing
  • Crime prevention

Predictive analytics is easy to understand. But the problem is that people often have varying perceptions: what it’s capable of; who can use it; and more. Many of these perceptions are inaccurate.

In this video, Nancy Hensley, Director of Technical Marketing for the IBM Analytics Platform dispels the common misconceptions around predictive analytics.

In summary, IBM SPSS predictive analytics offers advanced techniques in an easy-to-use package to help you and your clients find new opportunities, improve efficiency and minimise risk.

Explore IBM SPSS Statistics in more detail.

Explore IBM SPSS Modeler in more detail.

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