#1 Professor Alex Pentland banks on blockchain to bring predictive analytics to the masses 

By @NikolaiKuznets

One of the world’s foremost data scientists, Dr Alex Pentland, foresees a future banking landscape where the public will be able to compete with investment institutions on a level playing field.

He believes that the insights available from predictive analytics will become more accessible to all, and that the prediction of changes in human behaviour can point to movements in markets, particularly cryptocurrencies.

Read the interview to find out more about how these leading-edge concepts can be applied and click here to see how you can provide predictive analytics in partnership with IBM.


#2 60% Of CIOs predict spending on analytics will increase this year

By @LouisColumbus

Recent research conducted by IDG has found that nearly half of Chief Information Officers are planning to increase their spending on predictive analytics in 2018. This is in line with investment increases in other key tech areas, including cloud and the Internet of Things.

What is perhaps more interesting is that 57 per cent of the CIOs surveyed have indicated an interest in teaming up with a new vendor for Big Data and analytics. This points towards a short-term future rich with opportunities for service providers like you.

Check out the article to see the report’s findings in more detail and understand how the growing analytics market presents service providers, like you, with new opportunities.


#3 How predictive analytics and big data can increase Forex trading success

By Karthik Krishnan @TGDaily

Forex (foreign exchange) is one of the most popular ways for individuals to get involved in the world of financial trading. But with so much complexity and so many large institutions involved, making informed decisions to gain an edge can be hard.

This blog details how predictive analytics, based on years of market data, is helping guide better investments for everyone. It also recommends that analytical tools are best used in combination with human knowledge rather than as a complete replacement.

Read the blog to get an informative overview of the role predictive analytics can play in Forex trading and understand the impact they could have on your customers’ businesses operating in the financial industry.


#4 Predictive analytics solve retail’s trickiest problem: customer intent

By @rachelwolan

While retailers have been quick to adopt omnichannel strategies to blend online and offline experiences, they’ve generally found it harder to really get to the bottom of their customers’ thoughts and intentions.

Predictive analytics is changing all that by processing a huge number of different variables: store visit frequency, length of visit, gaps between visit, spending habits and more. Retailers can then more accurately predict what groups of customers – or even individual customers – are going to do.

To learn more about how analytics is transforming retail and how you can support your customers in the industry:

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