Next-gen channel growth in 2019: Forrester webinar takeaways

Next-gen channel growth: Forrester webinar takeaways

The next-gen channel is a truly exciting place to be.

It’s hard to comprehend but there are an incredible 35 million conversations happening in the marketplace around solutions. So, the opportunities really are out there for partners, more than ever.

In fact, we’re seeing some very interesting trends shaping up and helping drive this optimism further. Here are the top five, which we discuss in more detail in the webinar:

  1. Strong economic growth around the world
  2. Hardware spending is outpacing nominal GDP growth for first time in a decade
  3. IoT, AI and automation are beginning to drive business tech investments, enabling really good opportunities for partners
  4. The realities of cloud total cost of ownership are being felt by customers, and the channel is benefitting

In parallel to this surge in optimism the channel itself is changing, representing further opportunities for every channel partner out there. Here are some other things to look out for:

  1. There’s a demographic shift and the traditional tech channel community is aging out
  2. Traditional channels struggle as business leaders make more technology decisions
  3. The lines of business buyer has a different journey, psychology and behaviour
  4. Buyers are looking for hyper-specialised skills focused on business outcomes
  5. Six maturing types of next-gen channels are seizing the opportunity with new buyers:
  6. XaaS ecosystem consultants
  7. Industry-based professional services firms
  8. Independent software vendors
  9. Born-in-the-cloud firms
  10. Start-up community
  11. Systems integrators

So, what does all this mean for the future and a channel partner like you? Well, it’s about finding those new buyers, building the right skills and practices and essentially partnering more often. Where you need to start? You.

What’s your current situation? What’s your strategy? And where do you want to be?


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