Modern businesses want to use the latest technology to advance their operations, from using cognitive and analytics tools to discover new insights, through to protecting and managing data on a secure and reliable cloud infrastructure. And all around the world, independent software vendors, service providers and systems integrators like you are finding that IBM is the perfect partner to give clients the dynamic offerings and up-to-date services they need to make it happen.

There is, however, a common misconception that a company the size of IBM is too big, or perhaps too ‘faceless’, to give providing organisations the approachable, individual and flexible partnership they need. The reality is very different: with IBM, organisations big and small are quickly able to develop a partnership that works for them, and feel immediate rewards from effective services, productive relationships and leading-edge solutions.

An excellent example that shatters this myth can be found at Colorado-based software builder Inversoft. As their chief product officer Aaron Rasch explains, the solutions and services available to them as an IBM partner open up huge value possibilities – not just for them, but for their diverse portfolio of clients, too:

“When you partner with IBM, they’re not just a channel or a client or another platform – they really are a technology partner. And they’re not just any partner: IBM is at the cutting edge of what companies are doing with technology now. Watson, the Internet of Things, cloud deployments, compliance, the most cutting-edge things you can think of… IBM is really leading in all of those areas. In a partnership with IBM, Inversoft is able to access those things and bring all of that value to our customers, as well as contributing our value to customers that IBM can give us access to.”

In a world where 80% of enterprise clients are heading towards hybrid cloud infrastructures, partnering with an expert like IBM could be a game-changer for organisations like yours. The cloud managed services market is expected to be worth as much as US$76billion by 2021, so there are huge opportunities to be embraced in the months and years ahead if you’re able to leverage a partnership to deliver strong, innovative offerings to your clients.

Big-business technology with small-business service: that’s why a partnership with IBM makes for a winning combination.

See our infographic and find out more on how you can drive your offerings forward in partnership with IBM.

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