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#1 Cryptocurrency trader sues T-Mobile for giving hackers control of his account

By @avi_mizrahi

An American cryptocurrency trader lost valuable coins after cyber-criminals took control of his account. He blames T-Mobile, his mobile provider, for the loss due to alleged lax security policies and is suing them as a result.

The case highlights the knock-on effects that can strike when cryptocurrency crime takes place, and whatever the result, emphasises the need for strong, vigilant security for mobile devices.

Share this article with your customers to demonstrate the potential consequences of a weak security system, and discuss how service providers, like you, can help strengthen their security by providing effective security solutions.

#2 Only 14% of businesses have basic mobile security in place

By @mmguta

A recent report by major American mobile phone network Verizon has found that only one in seven businesses adopt even the most basic mobile security practices. This is despite 85 per cent of the businesses surveyed admitting that they are at a moderate risk – or higher – from mobile security threats.

The report, which talked to businesses in the United States and the UK, emphasised the need for mobile security to be considered as equally important as traditional IT security.

Check out the article to discover more business trends in mobile security, then click here to learn how you can help keep your customers’ data and devices protected in partnership with IBM.

#3 Threats from mobile ransomware and banking malware are growing

By @jaivijayan

Cybercriminals have increasingly turned their focus away from well-protected desktop computers and towards exposed mobile devices.

Attacks on mobile equipment rose sharply in 2017, according to research by Trend Micro, with ransomware and banking-targeted malware having the biggest effect. Meanwhile, Android devices continue to be at the greatest risk of these attacks.

Read the story to take a more detailed look at the state of mobile security today, and the likely next moves by cybercriminals. Share this information with your customers to encourage adoption of mobile security solutions, like IBM’s MaaS360.


#4 3 ways hackers steal your company’s mobile data

By @ibosscyber

While hackers attempt to steal data from mobile devices in many different ways, there are three particular methods that stand out: free data encryption, hiding within legitimate data traffic, and leveraging cloud storage applications.

The last of these is of particular concern. With many mobile devices connecting to their cloud storage services via public WiFi and other remote channels, analysis of all data entering and exiting the cloud is essential.

In this blog, you can learn about each of these methods in more detail and how best to mitigate against attacks. Share this knowledge with your customers to help them understand the importance of implementing security solutions within their own organisations.

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