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One of my favourite quotes is that ‘True innovation is the power of imagining the future and filling in the gaps’. It contains the essence of entrepreneurship, of seeing opportunities and having relentless drive to realise your vision. Or in other words if you can dream it, you should build it!

But great innovations don’t happen in isolation. It is the unique combination of bringing good technology and great thinkers together to truly unlock the potential to change the world and build a better future for business, society or the world, together.

In order to fuel great innovation based on good tech, we once again challenged the IBM Partner Ecosystem around to globe with our WatsonBuild program to dream AND build how they would put AI to work; for businesses, for society or for the world.

In this global competition our partners had to define a new AI concept, create a business plan and build a working prototype – all in just over 5 months and with access to IBM Watson, IBM Cloud and the IBM team of experts.

Last week we concluded the European finals with the Watson Build Dragons’ Den in Barcelona. From 240 ideas and 155 working prototypes submitted at deadline, 32 partners joined us to compete for a ticket to the global final in San Francisco in February 2019.

It was extremely inspiring to see the wide variety of AI applications, the level of quality of the ideas, the prototypes, the passion and commitment demonstrated by our partners. Selecting the European winner from the 32 competing finalists was absolutely hard and challenging. But we succeeded …

After careful consideration COMPTA (Portugal) has been selected as the European Champion for the Watson Build Challenge 2018!  Their Bee2FireDetection solution uses IBM Watson and IBM Cloud technologies in a new and disruptive approach to ‘fire prevention & detection systems’ for forests, related industries and yards to allow early and accurate fire detection, enabling better damage containment and avoidance of devastation of forests, remote villages, forest industries and industrial yards.

Compta will represent Europe in the global final on February 10, 2019 in San Francisco! Their strong business case, the quality of their prototype and their convincing presentation resulted in them being selected as the European winner. But it was a tough competition … the top 5 out of the IBM Watson Build Europe Dragons Den were:

#2 Assima (France) competed for the 2nd time in the program, developing ‘Assist with Watson for Healthcare’, aninnovative solution allowing clinicians, doctors, nurses and pharmacists to make better and faster decisions by drawing on information and insights from a wide variety of complementary and surrounding systems. A great showcase of how IBM Watson enables man and machine to collaborate effectively and efficiently in a critical environment like healthcare!

#3 Fortrus (UKI) powered by the latest innovations in Watson APIs the ‘Fortrus Cognitive Eyecare Platform’ enables early identification of eye disease to allow early and proper treatment preventing loss of sight while improving the quality of life. This is particularly relevant in countries where ophthalmic infrastructure is less well developed, especially in developing countries where they already had put their solution to work! A great example of what great thinkers can realise with good tech at benefit of society!

#4 Aguardio (Denmark) utilises IBM Cloud, IBM Watson and innovative sensor data to stimulate the reduction of shower time by enhanced awareness to save water, lower energy usage and decrease CO2 emission especially in the hotel sector and for the benefit of the environment. A truly innovative and disruptive application of Watson with both tangible benefits for business and our environment.

#5 e-office (The Netherlands) leveraging IBM Watson Cognitive Intelligence/Artificial Intelligence, developed a first-of-a-kind platform that allows businesses to create and train a chatbot online – on a subscription basis – without any interference from technical knowledge, consultants or sales allowing anyone to create a domain specific chatbot to improve efficiency and user experiences!

Bottom-line five true inspiring cases on how Watson AI can be put to work.  Whereas this were only the top 5 cases from our Watson Build Europe Dragons’ Den all participating partners demonstrated extremely strong cases on how they envision making business smarter with Watson; from healthcare and education to finance, transportation and energy our partners dream it and moving forward we will definitely help them to build it!

IBM Watson; The AI Platform for Business!



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