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Written By: Neil Cattermull

I recently wrote some comment on the above challenges along with some potential options to overcome these tough issues. In a world where choice of technical infrastructure is abundant by a multitude of technical vendors you MUST do your research (which I’m sure you all do) before embarking on the digital change journey for your technical roadmap.


Security and scale

Information security and SDWan must go hand in hand when scaling out you tech infrastructure and this normally involves more than one provider, which can be a real headache to manage, configure and support. Having had this challenge many times it’s not pleasant when something related to this goes wrong and the witch hunt begins for blame accountability – let alone actually fixing the issue!


Getting your legacy apps Cloud ready – The DevOps way!

Legacy apps, we all have them in one shape of form, maybe it’s end of life app versions that the tech vendor drops support for (or charges you a very high price to), concrete embedded applications that just have too many dependencies to migrate or even in house developed apps that at the time of creation they didn’t cater for a cloudy future. Whatever the reason most enterprises have faced this challenge.


On-prem IT Infrastructure

Back in my banking IT days we always had the issue of scale when talking about on-premise technology. Scaling bare metal was always an issue to consider when embarking on a new project, that new must have business application and it had to happen yesterday. There was 2 methods of approach when scaling up to accommodate this type of additional growth – 1. Upgrade upgrade upgrade or 2. Purchase more bare metal (which is essentially more of the same). I remember one large financial institution having more servers that staff which all came at a large cost to support from the IT support vendor of choice.

So where am I going with these points you may say? Well with the choices presented today a few years on one would think that this is an easy challenge to overcome? Err NO! Sadly what comes with technology evolution and a multitude of choice that is, what I call the 3 C’s. Confusion, due to the lack of understanding the true capabilities of what you have chosen, Cost, due to the facts that is you get it wrong – nightmare scenario and if you get it right you still have to have yet another vendor that may not have the capabilities to support future business initiatives (AI, Edge and others), and lastly – Complexity! Not all technical infrastructure are alike, especially in the context of legacy!

This is why I would suggest working with, adopting and on boarding a collection of tech vendors that start working together for a common goal – your business! We all know that collaboration on a common goal (two heads better than one analogy) works far better than going it alone so why not employ a collective of technical titans to work together for your digital future?

IBM, Lenovo, VMWare and Juniper Networks have teamed up to tackle all of my previously stated discussion points to make your choices easier and simpler to support too! Industry standard technical vendors that have collaborated together and produced a product that allows you to migrate legacy, extend your enterprise with “cloud ready” options that include sandboxing and migrations to public clouds whilst ensuring that robust networking security concepts are adhered to!

All of this is now possible with this collective and with IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat it’s just got better! Not only can you have on premise technical infrastructure that is scalable and resilient but also embedded Linux with additional options with OpenShift to IBM Cloud – If and when you are ready to migrate your workloads and data. Migrate more securely with Bring Your Own Key, Level 4 FIPS, and built-in industry compliance including PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC1 and SOC2! Now that’s impressive and its one big headache that has just had a fist full of pain killers!

Whatever your choices appear to be with dealing with legacy while ensuring future initiatives are covered, at the very least I suggest that you take a look at this cloud alliance and what they can offer – take a look here for the latest updates and some more background information on the partnership.

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