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Blockchain technology is evolving continuously and while it’s fast-becoming the place for secure transactions that doesn’t mean that the solutions themselves are managed securely.

There is no uniform guidance for building blockchain solutions that are secure, and that’s largely down to the pace at which it’s evolving. As a result, the technology is often being built on ‘what feels best’. And what that ultimately means is that some people are building in effective security controls and processes, while for others, it may not even be top of their agenda.

Essentially, this creates an elevated risk for the technology to be compromised – and that of course includes anything that may be built on top of it.

And that’s why X-Force Red has come into the equation, with a variety of blockchain testing services designed to help organisations build and use the technology and any connected infrastructure securely. Among these valuable services are a variety of essential reviews:

  • Chain code – to identify and help fix critical vulnerabilities
  • Configuration and access control – to assess certificate authority, PKI, remote nodes and more
  • Documentation and policy – to help developers, architects and risk owners

In summary, the testing services are designed to help create secure policies and processes, secure the actual blockchain technology as well as any connected infrastructure.

While we all welcome new technologies into the world with open arms, blockchain does remind us of an important lesson, that even a solution resilient by design can still play catch up when it comes to security.

There are many ways forward when it comes to making it secure, and while much of that is down to those working with the technology, there will always be X-Force Red’s comprehensive suite of testing services available to both you and your clients, so together, you can get the very best out of your ideas and solutions.

With that in mind, here are four external perspectives that examine the launch of X-Force Red’s blockchain cybersecurity service:

  1. Forbes – IBM X-Force Red launches blockchain cybersecurity service , Dante Disparte
  2. ZDNet – IBM X-Force Red launches blockchain security service , Charlie Osborne
  3. Wired – The overlooked security threat of sign-in kiosks , Lily Hay Newman
  4. Fortune – Where has all the ransomware gone? Cybercriminals prefer ‘Cryptojacking’, Robert Hackett

X-Force work unbelievably hard behind the scenes and out in a more public domain, too – check out the IBM X-Force Command Cyber Security Tactical Operations Centre or, C-TOC, a fully-operational simulation and immersive training centre on wheels.

Learn more about defending you and your clients from cyber criminals in this whitepaper: Penetration testing: Protect critical assets using an attacker’s mindset.

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