Wimbledon has been using IBM’s data and cognitive capabilities for the past 28 years to deliver new insights into the sport of tennis and more recently, to delve into what it takes to be a great Wimbledon champion.

IBM is using detailed historical data to identify key performance measures against a set of topics that collectively are required to make a great champion and test these results with tennis experts to provide the analytic view.

However, there is more to being great than simply considering statistics. Using IBM’s cognitive solutions, we are investigating the same topics using unstructured data: press writings from 27 years, Wimbledon’s own annually published book, interview transcripts and more recent social media commentary.

By comparing quantitative and qualitative data we have started to inform a #WhatMakesGreat debate that has not been possible until now. As the debate unfolds on social media, IBM Watson will listen and learn from the conversation and identify new questions further fuel the discussion of what it takes to be a great champion. You can read more about the AI project development here.

Why is this relevant to business?
To succeed in the “pursuit of greatness”, your clients need to understand how to win and how to beat their competition. Increasingly that understanding derives not just from structured data but from unstructured data as well.

For a retailer wanting to understand how to deliver great customer service, or a media company wanting to understand how to deliver great new content, it is essential they look beyond pure historic structured data to the vast volumes of unstructured data created every day. By combining that data insight with the ability to engage the end consumer directly as individuals, their ability to differentiate from the competition is significantly enhanced.

Service providers with analytic and cognitive capabilities can capitalise on the competitive nature of businesses. You can help analyse and bring together high quantities of data using IBM solutions, to provide valuable insights that will enhance expertise and improve your clients’ business processes; ultimately supporting their “pursuit of greatness”.

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