IBM Watson enhances the fan experience at music’s biggest night

Why was IBM the right partner for the Grammys? Because they’re one of the most forward-looking technology companies on the planet.” Evan Greene, Chief Marketing Officer, The Recording Academy

It’s called music’s biggest night for a reason but at the 60th annual Grammy Awards there was something special going on in the background.

The Recording Academy, presenters behind the Grammys since 1958, teamed up with IBM in a partnership first-ever, to integrate Watson’s AI into the red-carpet experience.

The Recording Academy not only wanted to streamline the production process around and the red-carpet experience but bring fans even closer to the music and musicians they love.

To enable this to happen, Watson Media was put hard to work during the five-hour show, analysing a wealth of unstructured data; hours of video, close to 125,000 photos and the emotional tone of Grammy-nominated song lyrics, to make the experience come alive for fans around the world.

Watch the video to find out what IBM Watson brought to the red carpet on Grammy Sunday as well as the production team behind the event.

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