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When global music artist and entrepreneur founded I.AM+, it was decided that a major part of its focus would be on ethical artificial intelligence [AI] adoption.

To achieve this, I.AM+ and IBM have joined forces, aiming to accelerate the adoption of responsibly managed customer data as AI goes mainstream.

This will enable I.AM+ to tap into IBM industry expertise in developing and implementing cloud and cognitive solutions that create the personalised and innovative experiences today’s companies demand.

“Combined with Red Hat OpenShift, we have the right partners to help us scale the use of AI in a responsible and transparent way,” explains.


Accelerating Ethical AI Adoption

The global collaboration of I.AM+ and IBM is built on shared values revolving around the importance of protecting client data, as well the responsible and transparent deployment of AI.

It’s a collaboration that supports the tech founder’s push for artificial intelligence acceleration, utilising Red Hat OpenShift on IBM public cloud.

I.AM+ and companies like it need seamless, secure-data connectivity across hybrid IT environments.

“I.AM+ aims to deliver conversational experiences and innovate within a wide range of industries,” according to Jesus Mantas, chief strategy and innovation officer, IBM global business services.

I.AM+ has created domain-specific applications using machine learning technologies built in-house, fusing voice and user interface [UI] for an enhanced customer journey.

For instance, I.AM+’s Omega AI platform provides businesses across industries with tools to develop a more personalised engagement with their customers.

As such, human-like conversational experiences are at the forefront of the Omega AI platform, while also offering the speed and security its worldwide customers prioritise.

The platform is described by the company as a “channel-agnostic” device offering voice, text, and other accessible customer experiences.

In line with founder’s strong support of the acceleration of ethical AI adoption, Omega’s proprietary tech is designed to be both contextual and proactive.


Open Source is The Key

I.AM+ will deploy Omega using Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform, running on IBM public cloud.

Red Hat OpenShift allows I.AM+ to run its platform across multiple public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises infrastructures, which in turn makes it easier to manage, maintain, and scale its AI capabilities with ease.

IBM’s secure public cloud can handle an enterprise-grade workload, features both data and app protection, and delivers the optimised flexibility provided by open source resources.

It also comes with all the technical innovations that the world’s largest and most complex enterprises demand in order to protect sensitive data.

“Delivering AI solutions to industries like retail and entertainment, where personal data is everywhere, it was a top priority to find a cloud provider with deep roots in security, trust and transparency; we got that with IBM public cloud,” says

By selecting IBM public cloud as its preferred cloud platform, I.AM+ clients can benefit from the industry’s most secure and open public cloud for business.

As well as taking advantage of enterprise-level data security that comes with IBM public cloud, the platform will operate more efficiently and faster, while providing I.AM+ customers with the technology to get started quickly and easily.

IBM will benefit from offering I.AM+ technology to its customer base, who are looking to build contextual and proactive conversational experiences.

“By running its platform with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM public cloud, we’re providing clients continuous availability, reliability, and scalability, with built-in security,” Jesus Mantas says. “The combination of Omega with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM public cloud, is designed to provide I.AM+ clients a faster way to add intuitive, context aware AI use cases to their business platforms, resulting in faster adoption and better experiences for customers.”


Becoming an Essential Part of the Collaboration

Just like I.AM+, you and your clients’ organisations need to seamlessly and securely connect data and workloads across hybrid IT environments.

“Enterprises across industries, including the most highly regulated ones, have turned to IBM public cloud as their preferred destination to host mission-critical workloads and keep data secure,” explains Jesus Mantas.

The collaboration between I.AM+ and IBM is built on shared values around the importance of protecting client data, as well as ensuring the responsible and transparent deployment of AI.

For decades, IBM has followed core principles grounded in commitments to trust and transparency that guide its handling of client data and insights, as well as its responsible development and deployment of new technologies, including AI.

Like to know more about the remarkable potentialities waiting to be accessed via Red Hat OpenShift on the highly scalable IBM Cloud?

While IBM handles the infrastructure, Red Hat OpenShift allows you to focus on developing and managing your applications, providing you with fully managed OpenShift clusters on the click of a button.

And if, just like’s tech company, I.AM+, you’d like to be a part of a global partnership ensuring an enterprise-level yet ethical AI adoption, you can regularly follow the very latest developments here.

As artificial intelligence adoption pushes further into the mainstream, you need to ensure that both you and your clients remain at the forefront of responsible innovation.

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