IBM & Howdoo – Smart social on the Blockchain

We’re excited to announce that we are a launch supporter of an exciting new social network, called Howdoo.

Together with our clients, we are using technologies like AI, cloud, blockchain and IoT to transform business, industries and the world. Putting smart to work. The next-gen social media networks, built on the blockchain, will revolutionise the way that users interact with content whilst owning their own online presence and we look forward to building a community within Howdoo, as we do with Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Howdoo’s CEO, David Brierley, believes the time is right to improve upon old social media platforms using new technology and a less exploitative approach. One that does not curb creativity nor view its users as a commodity.

Currently in Beta, Howdoo is working on full launch in early Q1 2020, and IBM as a launch supporter are fully testing the site in the beta and will be building channels of content for the site launch. We are excited to be building a community on Howdoo, and providing value through content, engagement and offers, and will also investigate how to utilise the platform to reach new potential customers using their unique user-controlled opt-in advertising model.

Gabriela Salzano, IBM’s NextGen Tech Services Provider Marketing Leader, says “We’re excited to be working with innovative companies like Howdoo, and to support them with accelerating their ambitions,” she said. “we also look forward to welcoming solutions providers and all kinds of IT companies to our new Howdoo channel”.

More about Howdoo

Using blockchain, gamification, and a return to a purer form of social engagement, Howdoo is a social media platform where you decide what you see and share, and with whom. A social media platform that rewards everyone and is for everyone; users, content creators, and advertisers alike.

Users of Howdoo can connect with family, friends, their favourite artists, brands, and businesses on a platform that delivers a unique experience where engagement with people and advertising is rewarded with µDoos, the currency of Howdoo.

These can be exchanged for cash or used on the platform to buy products or leave tips to say thank you to people and channels they love. They can also subscribe to exclusive content from their favourite musicians, podcasters, and artists.

Content creators and channel owners will enjoy greater financial rewards for their content, from likes, shares, and advertising generated from an incentivized following who will be drawn to their content on a platform that gives them control and the freedom to create the content they want.

On Howdoo, users also get the choice of being paid to share their information to enable advertisers to position targeted campaigns to a receptive audience and niche markets–while smart contracts provide enhanced campaign data.

IBM and Howdoo Teaming Up

As a Launch Supporter, IBM will join a team of established tech giants including HP Gaming, Digitex, Mitel, and an array of stars, gamers, and leading influencers as Howdoo launches its Beta site next month. You can sign up now and register your username and join us in our new IBM Channel when it launches.

Can you take the lead with the Blockchain?

Just like Howdoo are looking to shake up the social media space by utilising the blockchain, we are offering partners $12,000 of free cloud credits to allow you to integrate, test and build a secure business transaction network for your clients using IBM blockchain and smart contracts. Learn more about this offer here.

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