IBM Analytics: What happened and why, to what’s next

Data is everywhere: mobile phones, computers, televisions, cars, houses, you name it. It’s even making its way onto our wrists. And it’s only really the beginning.

Whether you’re an ISV, MSP, CSP, SI or any other type of provider, having an increasing amount of data to decipher will naturally open the door to new ventures and potential.

But while a future in data exploration sounds exciting, you’re also more than aware it’s a fast-paced industry where the competitive advantage is short-lived.

Adapting to this data-driven era isn’t a simple proposition. And taking shortcuts to get on the analytics train isn’t the answer, either – this simply adds more risk. Mistakes can be costly.

Analytics must be executed properly, so you can help steer your clients clear of the attractive answers and incorrect insights and lead them to the truth.

Your clients’ data journeys all vary, but the main things they’re interested in are:

  • Finding out ‘what happened’ and understanding ‘why’, with business analytics
  • Finding out ‘what will happen next’, with predictive analytics

With IBM Analytics, you won’t just help them bring their data to life, but help them zero in on the right information, so they can make the right decisions.


Business Analytics with IBM Cognos Analytics

What happened?

Good information is the foundation for good decisions.

When your clients are interested in finding out what happened, they’re looking for answers from descriptive analytics.

You can’t accurately answer ‘What happened?’ in your business without first asking: ‘Is any data missing or incorrect?’ And that’s where IBM Cognos Analytics thrives.

This powerful and smart self-service analytics tool offers a flexible yet managed environment, built on a secure foundation of control both you and your clients can trust.

By embedding IBM Cognos Analytics in your solutions, you’ll not only reduce the number of tools you need to support, while eliminating blind spots and uncertainty, but reduce that crucial time to information, with a proven governed platform offering performance and scalability.

On top, it offers self-service analytics that produce beautifully advanced dashboards and visualisations – all without sacrificing security, compliance or analytics governance.


Why did it happen?

Pinpoint the ‘why’ and identify the key drivers behind what happened.

You or your clients have found a problem, but it can be hard to know what to do about it without first understanding the cause. For nearly all businesses, though, there simply isn’t the time or resource to sift through overwhelming volumes of data.

To understanding why something has happened you need to identify the patterns and relationships leading to those outcomes. Then you’ll need to present it in a quick, accurate and easy to understand way. IBM Cognos Analytics is also designed to do exactly this.

With access to smart data discovery and visualisations, you can help your clients go beyond what they don’t know. Automatically uncover trends, surface patterns and uncover business drivers never thought of – with IBM Cognos Analytics you can be prepared to answer the ‘why’ behind your findings, better than ever.

Effective business intelligence is a state of being, not a single action. This type of analytics is no longer confined to specialist roles, either. IBM enables almost anyone; from IT teams, to marketing, sales and even finance, to figure out what’s influencing an outcome. You can confidently monitor, explore and share insights from your data.

Experience self-service business intelligence with IBM Cognos Analytics, with our free trial.


What will happen next? IBM SPSS

Quickly transform plain guesswork to predictions with a degree of certainty.

Not that long ago, finding the ‘why’ in your data was the cutting edge, but it wasn’t long before organisations discovered that it’s just not a successful way to operate – there were too many misses.

What they really needed was to anticipate the future. In other words, they need predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics is incredibly important because it shows you where you can go based on the analysis of trends, patterns and relationships in data. In other words, go beyond knowing what’s happened to predict future events.

Predictive analytics brings a suite of advanced capabilities together in a single platform. By integrating SPSS into your products, you’ll be able to offer your clients a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution.

It’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use, whether you choose to run one analytics offering, or many, such as:

  1. IBM SPSS Statistics – an integrated family of products that addresses the entire analytical process, from planning, data collection and analysis, to reporting and deployment.
    Experience the potential of IBM SPSS Statistics, with our free trial
  2. IBM SPSS Modeler – a predictive analytics platform that brings predictive intelligence to decisions made by individuals, groups, systems and the enterprise.
    Experience the potential of IBM SPSS Modeler, with our free trial


Bringing it all together

All of these capabilities are vital when it comes to making confident decisions about how to move your clients’ business forward. The real beauty of these products is how seamlessly they fit together in a single dashboard.

Remember, data is becoming an increasingly important part of the future. Defining your competitive differentiator will depend on how well you can apply analytics to your clients’ challenges.

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