How does SaaS benefit your clients? Listen to the experts in these webinars

Presented by the IBM’s top subject-matter experts, Demo Days Come To You are part of the SaaS Academy, a series of recordings on Webex giving you up-to-the-minute details of some of our top SaaS offerings.

They also explain how you can leverage IBM technologies to expand the portfolio of solutions you can offer your clients.

To get a taste of the inspiration you can gain from these recordings, take a look at the ones we’ve gathered together for you below:

Let your clients scan every application on multiple mobile devices
Florin Coada, Technical Offering Manager at IBM Security AppScan

Wouldn’t your clients like to have the ability to perform static or dynamic analysis of an application – and any application at that?

Grant your clients portfolio access via a single dashboard
Richard Voaden, Channel Sales Lead for Watson and Cloud Platform

Make sure your clients are Al ready and secure to the core by catching up with all that’s new in the IBM Cloud.

How to persuade your clients they need Mobile Device Management
Stephen McCormack, IBM MaaS360 & Cloud Identity Connect Expert

If your clients ever question why they need an update of their cloud security, here are the answers to both their queries and the challenges they face.

Your clients can now detect and respond to threats with speed, accuracy and insight
Valory Batchellor, Security Channel Technical Lead IJK&I

IBM QRadar hunts down threats with automated analytics and correlation, as well as utilising Al-powered insights.

Offer your clients an analytics solution with the most out-of-the box capabilities
Mate Kiss, European Planning Analytics Technical Sales Lead

Are your clients benefiting from the 94% year-on-year global growth of IBM Planning Analytics adoption?

Ensure your clients are amongst the one third of businesses reporting AI adoption success
Matt Denham, Offering Manager Cognos Analytics

99% of firms are hoping to become insight-driven, but two thirds are failing to achieve it – and here are the reasons why.

Transcode videos in the cloud for delivery to any device
Balazs Kereskenyi, Offering Lead Budapest Lab: IBM Cloud Video

Engaging a company’s entire workforce or even a global audience can now be efficiently achieved utilising a scalable, cloud-based online video platform, IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager.

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