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As a service provider, it’s highly likely that Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is one of the topics that keeps coming up when you talk to your clients. It’s an area of huge interest for enterprises across industries, and with good reason: taking advantage of IaaS means they get the benefits of flexibility, scalability and reduced costs compared to on-premise, hardware-based infrastructures.

But as is the case with any growth market in technology, there will always be new trends and emerging innovations disrupting the IaaS marketplace – ones that providers like you can take advantage of to improve your solutions, win new clients and ultimately grow your business.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the key movements on the IaaS horizon over the coming months and years, and what you can do to take best advantage in a competitive marketplace.


Off-premise showing promise

While we’ve seen hybrid cloud infrastructures being widely adopted over the last few years, there’s a suggestion that even these may fall out of favour as full cloud functionality takes hold. A recent study has found that 60 per cent of IT professionals are now planning to run the majority of their day-to-day activities using cloud infrastructures and/or as-a-service capabilities.

However, more than half of the enterprises surveyed still aren’t sure how to approach their digital transformation. This is promising news for providers who can help guide them towards the perfect infrastructure for their needs. In particular, providers can demonstrate strong and robust security should find themselves in a particularly healthy position, as one in six professionals surveyed said that security would see the biggest increase in their budget this year.


Grab a bargain on the cloud exchange

Clients’ need for scalability, combined with their hunger for ever-increasing amounts of cloud data storage, means that a new market could emerge to suit their varying needs.

Cloud brokerage is where a third party is used to conduct the negotiations of buying cloud computing services. As well as saving the purchaser time and money through being able to secure better and more suitable deals, it’s also possible for brokers to put together packages of services through deals with different vendors. This means that customers can specify exactly what they require and tell a broker to go and secure it for them.

From a service provider perspective, it makes it easier to win over prospective clients who are worried about costs, and cost control. They can adopt a hybrid cloud infrastructure, cognitive tech like IBM Watson or other innovations while maintaining complete visibility over usage and spending.


The new IaaS: insights as a service

Infrastructure-as-a-service provision inevitably means that clients come to you wanting the latest innovations or technologies that they’ve read or heard about. And at the moment, the innovation that’s undoubtedly grabbing their attention is artificial intelligence.

Uncovering new insights into business processes and customers means the use of Big Data. Because of that, enterprises are naturally finding that cloud storage, combined with an as-a-service solution, is the most flexible and cost-effective option.

From a service provider perspective, the fact that AI is gaining so much interest in so many different industries points towards it becoming an essential part of any leading-edge IaaS offering. And it’s likely that, over the next few years, IaaS providers that can enable insights-as-a-service will be able to drive new profitable business, with the market for these insights expected to be worth more than $3.3billion by 2021.


So what’s the next step?

Given all these possibilities coming up within the IaaS sector, it’s more important than ever before to continually assess your offering and its relevance within the marketplace. It may be the case with more advanced and complex technologies like AI that you don’t feel you have the resources or financial capability to fully implement what you need.

That’s where a partnership with a market expert can allow you to extend the reach of what you can do in an efficient way and without breaking the bank. Given the rewards on offer, it represents the best way to maximise your profitability.

You can leverage leading-edge innovation that can help you grow your business when you partner with IBM. 

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