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Fourteen free trials from the MSP Hub, collated into a single point of reference for your pleasure in innovation and modernization.

No catch, just everything available for service providers and MSP Hub members like you to test-drive in the world of IBM solutions, right now, but for how long?

Explore new technologies, delve deeper into your ideas and spark innovation – and that’s just for starters. Where you decide to take your free trials is entirely up to you.

One thing we’re sure of: you won’t be disappointed. So, get started, before IBM changes their mind!

  1. IBM Application Security on Cloud – 30-day free trial
    Implement SAST, DAST, mobile and open source security testing at DevOps speeds throughout the development pipeline and eliminate the vulnerabilities before they’re placed into production and deployed. Easy to use and you can be up and running quickly.
  2. IBM Blockchain – six-month free trial
    Build your very own blockchain application, cut out the middleman and improve the time it takes to execute business transactions. This trial includes a blockchain network, allowing three organisations to prototype, build and test, plus a variety of production-grade features.
  3. IBM Cloud – $12,000 of free credits
    Gain access to more than 130 unparalleled services, including IBM Watson, IBM Analytics, and IBM Security, and decide what you’re going to build. It’s all about delivering more innovation and value to your clients by integrating your solutions with leading-edge technologies.
  4. IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service – one-year free trial
    Start building scalable applications that can be brought to the cloud to reach customers globally. In this trial you can choose from two configurations, both coming with a technical consultation and code pattern.
  5. IBM Cloud Object Storage – one-year trial
    IBM Cloud Object Storage is used to store, manage and access data via a simple self-service portal. This trial gives you 10TB of storage, one technical consultation and one code pattern to get you started.
  6. IBM Cloud Private free hosted trial
    A Kubernetes-based container platform, IBM Cloud Private can help you quickly move, modernise and automate workloads or build new cloud-native applications. This trial gives you access to five server instances hosting Kubernetes nodes, preconfigured with sample applications and services.
  7. IBM Cloud Private for Data – seven-day free trial
    Harness your data to build intelligent apps. This free trial enables you to gain hands-on experience with a robust end-to-end platform, collecting, organising and analysing data to build AI-powered apps.
  8. IBM Cognos Analytics free trial
    Take this solution for a test-drive and discover what’s driving your business. IBM Cognos Analytics offers an interactive way for virtually anyone to find, explore, and share data-driven insights in a governed environment.
  9. IBM MaaS360 – 30-day free trial
    Discover how easy it can be to improve network security and protect all your clients’ devices and their data. Try MaaS360 with IBM Watson and start securely managing smartphones, tablets, laptops and IoT devices from an intuitive, user-friendly portal.
  10. Become an IBM Partner and get $2000 in cloud migration credits
    Sell more and scale bigger. As an IBM Partner you’ll receive support to help expand your audience and opportunities and by joining the Programme, you’ll also get a free SEO audit report, access to IBM Marketplace marketing and a welcome £2000 in cloud migration credits.
  11. IBM Planning Analytics – 30-day free trial
    Introduce your clients to a powerful financial planning and analysis solution and test financial impacts. This trial is web-based with nothing to download; everything can be up and running in just a few minutes.
  12. IBM QRadar free trial
    Offering scalability and flexibility for organisations of any size looking to deepening their threat detection and response skills. IBM QRadar is a smart and agile security investment that gives you the opportunity to prepare for change and growth the way you need to.
  13. IBM Watson Assistant – one-year free trial
    This free trial is designed to help you start building simple AI-powered chatbots for free, and includes 100,000 API calls, 10 chatbots and a variety of other enticing services.
  14. IBM Watson IoT Platform – 30-day free trial
    The IBM Watson IoT Platform is a managed, cloud-hosted service designed to make it simple to derive value from your Internet of Things devices. Adding this service to your portfolio gives you an opportunity to position your business within the growing IoT marketplace.

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