Fox Sports introduces IBM Watson-enabled ‘Players Spotlight’

Throughout last year’s FIFA World Cup, Fox Sports utilised IBM Watson’s cognitive capabilities to offer a website-based ‘Highlight Machine’. For this year’s Women’s World Cup, they’ve gone one better with ‘Player Spotlight’, a natural language interface that Fox’s commentators can interact with on-air to instantly source analysed information.

FOX Sports & IBM Team Up to Transform Production of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France™
IBM News Room

Building upon the successful use of AI analysis in last year’s men’s football tournament, Fox Sports is infusing IBM Aspera’s live-streaming into its coverage of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Accessing HD camera feeds from France within 10 seconds of live play, Fox Sports avoids unnecessary equipment deployment while also generating ‘Player Spotlight’ stat analysis.

FOX Sports And IBM Watson Expand Production Capabilities Of Women’s World Cup Broadcast
Simon Ogus, Forbes

Fox Sports commentators on the Women’s World Cup are utilising IBM Watson technology to analyse data from Opta, collecting stats of action on the field including each player’s every pass, goal and penalty kick. The innovative AI technology surfaces highlights as well as additional data and analytics that can be quickly referenced on air during game commentary.

Fox Sports turns to Watson for AI-powered highlights
George Bevir,

In their broadcasts of the Women’s World Cup, Fox Sports’ ‘Player Spotlight’ feature utilises IBM Watson’s natural language interface to generate statistical analysis enhancing each match’s commentary. IBM’s AI technology has been previously used to generate fast-turnaround highlights during the US Open and the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

Fox Sports will once again use IBM Watson’s Artificial Intelligence Tech
Kartikaa Srivastava, The Greek Herald

In their coverage of the Women’s World Cup, Fox Sports commentators will interact directly with ‘Player Spotlight’, an IBM AI-backed tool providing analytics navigation instantly sourcing answers to any queries or requests for highlights. Applying a variety of APIs to identify key moments, the innovative technology assesses every-single goal, pass and penalty kick.

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