#1 The Internet of Things (IoT) will be massive in 2018: Here are the 4 predictions from IBM

By @BernardMarr

This year, the number of globally connected devices is set to exceed 11 billion, so it’s no surprise that the Internet of Things will be a hot topic for the next 12 months or so.

Correlated technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain are also expected to make big waves in 2018, as businesses attempt to successfully collect, analyse and store IoT data.

Accordingly, service providers should prepare for customer demand of these technologies in the next 12 months by embedding related solutions into their offerings.

Read this post to learn more about the four key IoT trends predicted for this year and the associated technologies you are likely to see a spike in demand for.


#2 How location technology and IoT data are transforming business

By @Esri @Forbes

Location plays an essential part in IoT data processing: spatial analytics technology gives us the ability to tie massive amounts of information together by placing them within the critical context of ‘where’.

In this article, you’ll see examples of how spatial and predictive analytics, using big data from IoT devices, are transforming the way businesses work in a range of industries – from retail and agriculture, to insurance and the public sector.

Share these instances with your customers to help them understand how your analytics solution could enable their digital transformation. Or, if you’re still on the look-out for an appropriate analytics solution, play the webinar here to learn why IBM Analytics is for you.


#3 Blockchain and the Internet of Things: 4 important benefits of combining these two mega trends

By @BernardMarr

It’s expected that the Internet of Things and Blockchain, as two separate technological trends, will revolutionise our lives. But, more recently, the technology world has started to take an interest in what the two could achieve together.

By combining the Internet of Things and Blockchain, we could create a verifiable, secure and permanent method of recording data processed by ‘smart’ things in the IoT space.

Read the article to discover the main benefits of combining the technologies and what it could mean for you and your customers in the future.

#4 Business is embracing Internet of Things as most important technology, says new study

By @Forbes

For executives tasked with implementing IoT in their business, it can often be a challenge to separate facts from the hype and determine the practical steps needed to get started with IoT.

A recent survey of 500 senior executives who are leading IoT initiatives within their organisations gives us more of an insight to the execution of IoT and addresses some common issues.

Read the key findings from the survey in this article to better understand the challenges your customers are facing and how you can support them.

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