Cloud computing trending articles - an outlook to 2018

#1 Cloud computing outlook 2018: The top 10 predictions for winning the cloud wars

By @BobEvansIT

2018 will be the ‘Year of the Customer’ when it comes to cloud; so MSPs, CSPs and technology vendors must be prepared to meet customer expectations with their cloud offering in the new year. Learn what those expectations are and how you can achieve them in this article.


#2 IBM Cloud Private “…in plain English”

By @HaythamElkhoja

Sometimes we can get lost in the technical jargon used to explain IBM products and services. This post does a great job at explaining IBM Cloud Private in simple terms so you can get a clear understanding of the platform and its capabilities. You can also watch the introduction to IBM Cloud Private video to get more information.


#3 Cloud computing: What it’s like to make the move

By @SteveRanger

This post gives insight to why real-life organisations migrated to the Cloud and what companies following in their footsteps should, and should not, do. Use this knowledge to encourage your customers make the move to the Cloud and support them to do it successfully.


#4 10 cloud mistakes that can sink your business

By @TechJohnEdwards

The cloud offers a wide range of tangible business benefits, but your clients should be aware of these common blunders that could cast a shadow their success. Share the article with them to help them avoid the ten common mistakes in the new year.

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