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#1 Walmart has acquired a virtual reality startup as part of its tech makeover 

By @DelRey

Walmart, one of the world’s biggest retailers, has taken a step towards adopting virtual reality technology by acquiring a small VR software startup called Spatialand.

While American shoppers are unlikely to see the tech in stores any time soon, Walmart executive Katie Finnegan says that VR is part of a strategy by the firm to explore retail technologies that may take hold between five and ten years from now.

Read the article to gain a more detailed insight on what the acquisition could mean for tomorrow’s consumers.


#2 Amazon Go is a juxtaposition of new tech and retail tradition 

By @BSillitoe

Amazon’s new ‘Go’ convenience store in Seattle has been making worldwide headlines since it opened for its checkout-free, automate customer experience. But as this blog details, it could herald the start of a new tech-led era for retail.

One retail expert is quoted as saying that in the future, merchandisers will have to consider emerging technologies such as computer vision and RFID. Meanwhile, other research indicates that the prevalence of automation in the new retail world will likely lead to job cuts and less reliance on human workforces.

Check out the article to explore other uses of technologies in the retail marketplace, and the future trends likely to emerge.


#3 25% of UK retailers find tech disrupts customer connection 

By @Doshea14

A recent survey of UK retailers has found that a quarter are disappointed in the return on investment they’re getting from technology project. What’s more, those retailers also feel that increasing tech usage is making it harder to develop face-to-face relationships with customers.

Despite this, interest among retailers for future technology deployment remains strong: half of those surveyed said augmented reality (AR) could have a positive impact on retail, with 22 per cent sharing the same view about virtual reality (VR).

This blog takes a closer look at what these results mean for the industry as a whole, and the technology providers serving it.


#4 Tech plays larger role in retail banking 

By Jenny Callison @wilmingtonbiz

Three technological priorities have emerged from a report on the retail banking sector: removing friction from the customer journey, expanding the use of data and advanced analytics, and improving multi-channel delivery.

This blog highlights that big consumer-focused companies like Amazon and Netflix are engendering a change in customer expectations. So much so, that many now expect the same kind of customer experience from their bank.

Read the blog to discover the views of a host of executives from across the retail sector.

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