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#1 10 incredible uses for cryptocurrency and blockchain you probably haven’t thought of

By @Entrepreneur

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have a huge number of uses, outside of the finance sector, which will probably surprise you. From enabling ethical business practices and battling electoral fraud, to going green and de-corrupting charities, there is undeniable potential for cryptocurrencies and blockchain to benefit many industries in a variety of ways.


#2 Why blockchain is real and Bitcoin is a mirage

By @Forbes

It’s hard for Bitcoin to be accepted as cash; the volatility in value reflects changes in its degree of acceptance. However, blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies, holds promise and the potential to evolve into new areas.


#3 Online retail startup Benebit will use blockchain technology to disrupt the online shopping industry

By @TheMerkleNews

Online retail start-up Benebit could make big waves in the e-commerce world in 2018.

The disruptive business is adopting blockchain technology to revolutionise the shopping industry, offering loyalty points to consumers as they shop with various retailers via the Benebit app. These points can then be exchanged for Benebit tokens, which can be redeemed at a growing list of online retailers, or be converted into popular cryptocurrencies as cashback.


#4 A blockchain explanation your parents could understand

By @JamieSkella

If you’re having difficulty explaining blockchain to your customers, this post will help. It takes the complexity out of a very technical subject to many, breaking it down so you can relay the facts with simplicity.


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