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Written By: Dan Yarmoluk

As I discussed in my previous blog, a recent IBM-commissioned study by McKinsey & Company revealed that most companies are only 20 percent of the way into their cloud journeys.

Many simple workloads are in the process of migration, but 80 percent of these are still on premises.  The study went on to state that unique workload needs, multiple clouds and vendors, and a lack of relevant skills are the three major issues in moving this remaining  80 percent chunk to the cloud. So – the opportunity for systems development and robust delivery providers is significant and will remain so for many years to come.

The explosion of data, analytics, artificial intelligence, automation and hybrid architectures often makes navigating the endless cloud possibilities very difficult.  The scenarios and maturity levels of companies, divisions and teams are different – each with unique issues.

With technology moving forward at an exponential pace, businesses need to leverage the ecosystem of systems partners and the resources they offer in order to maximize agility and stay one step ahead of their competitors. Cost pressures continue to weigh in on these businesses, and to remain competitive, organizations clearly must ensure they have access to cutting-edge technology. Without the means, or sometimes the desire, to recruit the needed skills in-house, business leaders realize the importance of developing strategic partnerships with experts so they can thrive in today’s open, multi-cloud world.

It’s hard to think of a time when the potential was flying as high as it is now, (it’s also hard to recall a more potentially challenging time), for being a technology service provider. So to continue to meet their own growth plans and their future strategic goals, service providers of all kinds need great core technologies partners.

All service providers – including solution builders, independent software vendors (ISVs), managed solution providers (MSPs) and embedded technology partners can profit by building and deploying SaaS solutions incorporating IBM advanced technologies on the IBM Cloud.

IBM allows for flexible solution building in the cloud and this can help speed up the time it takes to bring your offering to market. You can build your solutions and services on their enterprise-grade, secure, open, multi-cloud platform, which provides access to a wide set of services which you can integrate into your own offerings to add enhanced capability.  They provide technical support as you are building, as well as deep industry vertical expertise and a large ecosystem of partners, clients (with many inspiring use cases) and support for your continual innovation.

To help you get started, IBM is providing $12K in free IBM Cloud credits to cloud services businesses not currently on IBM Cloud. They’re hoping you use the credits to explore the 190+ services on their cloud to build these advanced technologies into your offerings to meet your clients’ needs.

Start building with your $12K FREE IBM Cloud credits
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