Five must-see videos on AI deep learning

1. Watson is fluent in your clients’ terminology

Each of your clients works in an industry that possesses its own terminologies and language. It stands to reason, then, that any AI solution you provide them with has to gain a fluent understanding of all this as swiftly as possible.

With traditional Al models, this requires a great deal of additional data and computing power, taking weeks or months. Thankfully, as explained in this video, ‘How does IBM Watson work?’, Watson doesn’t need to be trained from scratch as it learns faster from smaller sets of data.

Possessing innate language understanding capabilities, Watson utilises transfer learning to deconstruct sentences, then analyses and identifies their relations, concepts, context and intent. What’s more, Watson three-layer model ensure all your clients data remains perfectly secure.

To see how Watson’s deep and continuous learning can enhance your clients’ decision making, watch the video.


2. Grant your clients AI that doesn’t require weeks of training

To work smarter, faster, and yet also more securely, your clients’ need AI.

But which AI? IBM Watson is the leading AI platform for business, and this video, ‘Intro to IBM Watson’, sets out why.

Far from requiring the weeks of training and additional data that installing traditional AI entails, Watson utilises transfer learning to gain its understanding from unstructured data such as photos, videos and audio files. By deconstructing and analysing the sentences and terminology used, Watson rapidly picks up the specific ‘language’ of your clients’ industries.

In this way, it constantly improves the quality and accuracy of its insights into the way your clients can advance their businesses.

Watch the video for more details on how Watson can keep your clients ahead of those using only regular AI.


3. Watson learns on the job, giving your clients vital insights

In the insurance business, IBM Watson is already dramatically accelerating claims processing by 25% – and, as it is continuously learning as it works, these stats are improving all the time.

Naturally, your clients don’t have to be in the insurance industry to benefit from Watson’s utilisation of a neural network created by deep learning’s layering of algorithms. As seen in this video, ‘Deep Learning: How AI Works’, Watson learns from and unveils invaluable insights from any type of previously unstructured data.

Better still, unlike traditional AI, Watson doesn’t require weeks of training from scratch as it uses transfer learning to gain its understanding more rapidly and from smaller data sets too.

So if you want to ensure your clients’ take advantage of Watson’s innate learning capabilities, watch the video today.


4. Watson’s three-layer system enables even deeper learning

To remain on top in their respective industries, your clients have to ensure they keep up with all the very latest innovations speeding up and improving the processes in their specific area of expertise.

As detailed in this video, ‘Transfer Learning: Your Data and Watson’, the most sophisticated versions of AI use transfer learning to gain their deep understanding of your clients’ data and systems.

Watson is ahead of the field, however, as it works on a unique three-layer system.

The base layer is a form of encyclopaedic general knowledge for it to draw upon. The middle layer comes pre-packaged with knowledge tailored to specific industries. The upper layer is even more personalised, as Watson possesses the ability to learn the unique business needs of each of your clients.

Provide your clients with AI capable of understanding their specific requirements by watching the video here.


5. Connect AI to your clients’ cloud or enterprise-based data

Your clients want their teams and businesses to work smarter, harder, faster. The journey to AI provides the solution, but naturally every one of your clients has a unique starting point.

In this video, ‘Work Smart: Your Workflows and Watson’, you can see how IBM Watson can be connected to your clients’ data and systems whether they’re cloud or internally based, while maintaining full security from cyber threats.

It’s so versatile, in fact, that it allows you and your clients to either use our apps and products, or build models from scratch. And yet you can be sure it complies with legislation old and new.

Reduce disruptions in your clients’ workflows by watching the video.


The whole world is talking about AI. And there are many reasons why businesses around the globe work with Watson AI, and why you can, too. Discover more.

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