In this list you will find five posts containing examples of how artificial intelligence has recently been used and is being used in a variety of industries, to provide solutions to everyday challenges. The heightened adoption of artificial intelligence means service providers, like you, need to consider embedding AI-based solutions into your portfolio to capitalise on demand from different types of customers.


#1 Your future doctor may not be human. This is the rise of AI in medicine.

By @abbymnorman @futurism

Artificial intelligence is making its way into hospitals around the globe, to help expand, sharpen and ease the mind of doctors – so they can do the same for patients.

This blog gives insight to just how far artificial intelligence could be used in healthcare. From diagnosing patients with solutions like IBM’s Watson and augmenting human behaviour to offer mental health services, to the build of surgical robots – it’s clear that AI’s role in medicine will only grow in the years to come!

Read the post now to learn more about the what the future of healthcare could look like.


#2 Mysterious 15th century manuscript decoded by computer scientists using artificial intelligence

By @Josh_Gabbatiss @Independent

Artificial intelligence has allowed scientists to make significant progress in cracking an ancient text, known as the Voynich manuscript, which has perplexed scholars for centuries.

Using text from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 380 languages, scientists were able to “train” their artificial intelligence system and then run algorithms to determine the most likely language for the document and then decipher it.

Read the post to understand more about the AI algorithms used to code-break the manuscript.


#3 Artificial intelligence is going to supercharge surveillance

By @jjvincent @verge

Surveillance cameras are often considered as digital eyes, but unless someone is looking through them in real-time, they are only there as a deterrence or to provide evidence post-event. But, this is about to change.

Artificial intelligence is giving cameras brains to match their eyes. The technology allows them to analyse live video with no human interaction, which means they can easily spot crimes or accidents as they’re happening.

In this post, you can read about how IC Realtime is combining artificial intelligence with surveillance, and the benefits and challenges such solutions can bring to the wider population.


#4 Amazon Go is finally a go: Sensor-infused store opens to the public Monday, with no checkout lines

By @toddbishop @geekwire

The first Amazon Go store opened its doors in the US earlier this month. The new store format allows any person with an Amazon account and the Amazon Go app to simply grab anything they want from the isles and walk out, without going through a checkout line.

The first-of-its-kind store is Amazon’s attempt to reinvent the typical physical environment with the same mindset that brought one-click shopping to the internet. The concept works by pushing the boundaries of machine learning and artificial intelligence to create an “effortless experience for customers”.

You can read more about the Amazon Go shopping experience and how it works in the article.


#5 UK unveils extremism blocking tool

By @DaveLeeBBC

In February, the UK announced that it has partnered with an artificial intelligence company to develop a new tool that can accurately detect extremist content and block it from being viewed online.

The AI solution has been created to help lighten the moderation-burden faced by smaller organisations that do not have the current resources to tackle extremist material being posted on their websites.

Read more about the unique solution in the article.

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