Facebook's security breach and what you should do about it

Facebook says nearly 50m users compromised in huge security breach
By Julia Carrie Wong

The Guardian’s San Francisco correspondent fills in the background to Facebook’s security breach as well as detailing the latest findings coming from the many investigations taking place. News of the hack comes at the end of a week in which many of Facebook’s Silicon Valley peers testified before the US Congress about the possibility of consumer privacy regulations, and it now seems certain that Congress will take action to protect the privacy and security of social media users. Read the article to remain updated.

Everything we know about Facebook’s massive security breach
By Ise Matsakis and Issie Lapowsky with additional reporting by Lily Hay Newman

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stated that he believes social media security is now an ‘arms race’. Wired gives you the lowdown on the Facebook security breach that not only impacted almost 50 million user accounts, but also necessitated the automatic logging out of 90 million users as part of the ‘fix’. Moreover, third-party sites logged into with Facebook accounts could also be affected. Click on the article to find out more.

How Serious Is the New Facebook Breach?
By Evan Osnos

Beyond the calls for regulation, Facebook’s larger, more confounding task may be stemming a loss of public confidence, this New Yorker article claims. In a January poll by polling-analysis firm Honest Data, twenty-seven per cent of those surveyed said Facebook is having a ‘negative impact on society’. This is the first known instance in Facebook’s history of hackers stealing millions of ‘access tokens’ and yet the fallout is palpable. This article fills in the details.

Everything you need to know about Facebook’s data breach affecting 50M users
By Sarah Perez and Zack Whittaker

The Daily Crunch neatly sets out the many questions that have arisen since Facebook’s security was breached, jeopardising the accounts of over 50 million users. What’s an access token? Do I need to change my password? Is this why Facebook logged me out of my account? Who would do this? If you’d like the answers to these and many other questions, please refer to this informative article.

Data breach experts share the most important next step you should take after a data breach
By Nate Lord

Following Facebook’s security breach, Data Insider brings together a number of experts in the business to offer insightful tips on how you can prepare and defend yourself against any future attacks. What is the immediate step to take that will help minimise what could be devastating consequences? You can find the answers you are seeking in this article.


Attacks on security are accelerating in both size and complexity and even those businesses we might think are invulnerable aren’t, in fact, as secure as they’d like to be. No one can predict the nature or type of attack that’s going to hit businesses next.

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