IBM watson powered cognitive services platform

The newly launched cognitive services platform from IBM has been designed to help service providers drive faster, more secure and efficient outcomes for customers.

The open-standards based platform is the first of its kind. It enables integration of advanced technologies, pervasive security and data privacy, and delivers the next generation of easily consumed cognitive IT services powered by IBM Watson to those working in a hybrid cloud environment.

Offering artificial intelligence and cognitive capabilities, the platform has been designed to enable automation tools to do much more than execute simple instructions. The services software helps to create infrastructures that can predict and identify any potential problems, address these at root causes and self-heal, so that business disruption is reduced and risk is mitigated.

The cognitive-powered platform provides valuable insights with little manual intervention as IBM Watson reads unstructured emails and chats in natural language. Users can take the insights to understand technical requirements quickly, identify gaps in current operations and implement tailored solutions with ease, so resolutions can be issued faster.

It’s without doubt that the services platform has come at the right time. With a recent IBM survey finding that approximately 50% of CEOs plan to adopt cognitive computing by 2019, service providers are now equipped to exploit new opportunities with a platform that supports the entire managed services life-cycle; from designing to building, integrating and running services, with autonomic operations and augmented subject matter expertise.

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