Unlock the power of the data and detect real intent-based opportunities in your market.

Get data-driven insights from the technology leader in data and analytics for IT companies.

Data is a goldmine for any IT organisations and all industry experts are saying that “Big Data & Analytics” should be key tools for all marketing and sales departments.

Customer data, prospect data, intent data, financial data, behavioural data, just to name a few, if collected and analysed correctly can provide a huge competitive advantage. Do you want to stay ahead of the pack?

Our leadership in data and analytics for the technology marketplace is due to the uniqueness of our methodology.



With detailed decision maker’s contacts updated daily, we are the largest firmographic European and national database for midmarket & enterprise accounts for companies with more than 100 employees all verified with the local Chamber of Commerce lists.

But coverage is not all that matters. On top of our firmographic data, we add real time buyer intent data at individual level on all the hottest IT solutions sectors and thanks to a fully integrated stack of martech tools we can monitor and score intent signals from digital, social, and other types of marketing tactics including outbound calls and events just to name a few. Brand data, financial data and a detailed account Decision Making Units map provide further intelligence to your list of target accounts so you can timely identify the hottest opportunity in the market and get to close the deal faster.


By becoming a member of the MSP Hub you will get exclusive free access to our Data as a Service online platform and get the market insights you need in just a few clicks. Join and get your total addressable market size in all your area of interest using filters such as geography, industry, company size, revenues, financial strength, buyer intent data, solution focus and many others!

More than 1000 IT companies in EMEA have already used our services to power up their lead generation programs.

Became a member today and get free access!

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