Why only one third of businesses report AI adoption success


99% of firms say they’re trying to become insight-driven, but only one-third report succeeding.

Of course, you don’t want your clients to fall into that unsuccessful two-thirds of businesses.

In this webinar, ‘IBM Cognos Analytics’, Matt Denham, Offering Manager Cognos Analytics, sets out the reasons why some adoptions of AI systems and platforms fail.

Users with only basic analytics skills, for instance, can arrive at misleading or incorrect insights. Others find themselves in the position where their data has outgrown their cognitive capacity.

Naturally, these challenges are far from being insurmountable. In fact, the bringing together of man and machine thankfully helps us all make smarter decisions. Properly applied, AI business analytics makes data simple, accessible, and actionable, enabling your clients to monitor their business, predict the future, and change the outcome.

Ensure your clients’ smooth adoption of diagnostic and predictive analytics by watching the webinar above.

We’ve prepared another highly informative webinar for you to watch, IBM Planning Analytics.

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