Why financial investing is getting personal

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The leading FinTech trend-setters are thinking outside the box to reach out to customers in new and innovative ways.

Disruptive technologies, like artificial intelligence, are foundationally altering the financial services industry. They are reducing the complexity of investment decision-making by making offers and products more intuitive and, in some cases, even fun.

The financial services industry is undergoing a transformation – from a distributor of financial products to a digital packager of financial advice. And because of this reverse engineering of the investor experience (that is, starting with client insights first), financial services firms require a deeper, more intuitive understanding of each customer – whether institutional or individual.

Financial services businesses can use technology to help generate greater value and profitability for investors, as well as product manufacturers and distributors. How? By delivering personalised advice and content that leverage behavioural analytics and compel action at the point of digital interaction.

Let’s further examine how goal-based financial investing robo-advising and gamification are interacting to transform the experience of investing in the cognitive era, and discover how you can change wealth management behaviour by personalising the investment experience.

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