Why are companies still investing in their mainframe estate?

As you and your clients are probably already aware, an increasing number of business and services are looking to the Cloud and adopting Cloud first strategies, while the mainframe is increasingly seen as an anomaly in the modern world of digital transformation.

Yet a new White Paper, ‘Mainframes: Workhorse or Anomaly?’, explains that a well-planned mainframe, rather than being an obstacle to a digital transformation, can enhance the changeover, delivering reliable, efficient and effective data processing.

Written through a partnering of Kevin Stoodley, IBM Fellow and CTO IBM Z, and Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant Advisory Ensono, it shows how many companies are modernising their mainframe environments, ensuring their digital transformation is delivered far more rapidly and effectively than might otherwise be the case.

Moreover, increasingly stringent regulations in sectors such as retail and financial services have resulted in far less of a wholesale move to the Cloud than had been predicted. In fact, numerous organisations remain convinced that the best place for sensitive customer data is a modernised mainframe environment.

Ensure your clients’ mainframes are part of their digital transformation by reading the White Paper here.

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