Webinar: Replicating data to IBM Cloud Object Storage

Cloud Object Storage enables you and your clients to store almost limitless amounts of data, simply and cost-effectively.

There’s no surprise then, that it’s commonly used for tasks such as data archiving and backup, web and mobile applications and as scalable, persistent storage for analytics.

In this webinar, WANdisco reviews how object store data can be replicated between on-premise cloud and multi-cloud object store offerings.

During the review, a variety of guest speakers will also highlight the benefits and use cases for maintaining consistency between all combinations of on-prem, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud and -vendor environments.

Webinar speakers include:

  1. Mark Bartlo, Team Lead Sales Engineering, WANdisco
  1. Myriah Wood, Global Business Manager, IBM Partners, IBM
  1. Servando Varela, Offering Manager, IBM Digital Business Group

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