Webcast: boost AI with IBM’s new Inference Server

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Did you know that Data, Train, and Inference workflow are the 3 pieces of the AI puzzle?

As your clients begin their journeys to AI, the wrong infrastructure can limit a successful implementation.

To ensure their existing IT infrastructure can handle all the challenges and complexity, they need to evaluate its capabilities.

And so earlier this year, IBM Power Systems announced a new accelerated POWER9-based server that rises to the challenge of putting AI models to work.


Helping your clients move from data to insight

Specifically designed to help you help your clients unlock business insights, the IBM Power System IC922 is a purpose-built inference server.

Florin Manaila, the Senior AI Architect and Inventor at IBM Systems Hardware Europe, as well as member of the IBM Academy of Technology, is holding a webcast inviting you to join in a discussion of the server’s many capabilities and potentialities.


Essential aspects explored will include:

– Workload patterns and AI performance

– Technical characteristics of the system

– Advantages of Turing Architecture

– BYQ (bring your questions)


Book now

The webcast will be held on March 24th at 11 am CET.

Registration is required to join this event, so If you have not registered, please book your place now.

Event Information: IBM IC922 Field Survival Guide

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