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Never has security been a bigger concern in the world of enterprise IT. New threats, evolving work practices and upcoming regulatory changes mean that organisations are placing greater demands on service providers to help keep their data and infrastructure safe:



A variety of ransomware attacks affected enterprises across the globe in 2017, and the threat of ransomware is set to increase in 2018. Protecting against them requires the most proactive, robust security available, to ensure that no device on a network is left vulnerable.

Watch the expert view on how you can best protect customers against modern security threats


Mobile security

As businesses continue to adopt mobile devices for work, the risk of corporate data being lost or stolen through lax security or device theft is heightened. This is especially the case in a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) set-up, where the lines between personal and business data are easily blurred.

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Partnering with IBM Security

In a pressured and constantly evolving security landscape, partnering with IBM Security gives you access to a broad and growing portfolio of solutions, beneficial support for efficient enablement and deployment, and a choice of programmes to ease accessibility.

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