Watch: The evolving financial ecosystem


The meteoric rise of FinTechs is changing virtually every aspect of the financial world around us. From how we pay for our morning coffees, all the way up to international and institutional investments, FinTechs are disrupting the established order every day.

Much of this is down to the small and agile size of FinTech startups. Equipped with the very latest in technologies, often thanks to a service provider or software vendor, they’re able to make quick decisions and develop new lines of business before establishing financial firms are able to react.

What are we likely to see in the weeks, months and years to come? Will the traditional banking infrastructure be able to hold onto its dominant position in the market? Or will FinTech disruption cause a complete revolution?

In this video, you can see experts from across the sector discuss the challenges facing the FinTech landscape. What’s more, you can learn how established firms are reacting to the continued disruption in the marketplace, as well as the likely outcomes ahead in the near future for old and new companies alike.

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