Watch: IBM Cognos Analytics overview – the start of something new


Enhanced analytics capabilities are here, bringing the focus on data-driven solutions forward, and enabling you to preserve your position as the go-to CSP, MSP or ISV.

Placing new features under the spotlight, such as dashboards, storytelling and data modules, Cognos Analytics digs deeper into the world of data, so your clients can make better-informed decisions to guide their business success.

With a comprehensive array of features, built-in ‘smarts’, and a reimagined user experience, a completely new emphasis has been placed on the way your clients can both access and discover content, using:

  • Robust, natural language search mechanisms
  • Visual data exploration
  • Managed self-service
  • Enterprise reporting
  • Most recently used sections
  • Custom theming
  • Geospatial analytics

Through ongoing innovation and strategic partnerships, the insights you’re able to offer clients are opening up.

Download this whitepaper to understand more about Cognos Analytics and why the solution is easy for anyone to use!

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