VMWorld: Infrastructure perspectives from Rosalind Lomas


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“My name is Rosalind Lomas, I work for Azlan, which is part of Techdata Limited, and we have been working with IBM for a number of years, through a number of acquisitions – probably about 15-16 years; so, a very good, long-standing relationship.”


Describe your relationship with IBM

“So, we always used to be hardware-only – to start off with, we only worked with them on IBM hardware. Then, through some of the acquisitions, we developed the IBM software portfolio and then, more recently, the IBM Cloud portfolio that we’ve taken on board. So, I’ve been working specifically with IBM Cloud for the last 2-3 years, starting off to begin with just SoftLayer, and then obviously moving through with Bluemix; so, the IaaS and PaaS solutions that we can sell to all of our MSPs, ISVs, resellers; any of our 10,000 or so customers that we work with in the UK today.”


Why is IBM good for partners?

“Well, IBM have got a really unique offering, so, obviously, the long relationship we already have in place with them, the very good relationship with all of the employees, the bare-metal servers that none of the other cloud providers have, the amount of data centres globally, the support we get from the back-end as well; so, from the SoftLayer and Bluemix technical staff – all of that, I guess, combined together, has been part of the reason why we’re seeing the success within Techdata.”


What is planned for the future?

“A lot of the things that have been announced over the past say 12 months, like VMWare on IBM Cloud, is really, really exciting. So, more and more things are being developed and coming out and being released, which is what all our customers want. So, I just see the relationship strengthening and developing over time.”


What is your advice for service providers?

“If you are looking for cloud services, be it Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, with IBM – please get in touch. I’m Rosalind Lomas, at Techdata, I’m on LinkedIn. I’ll be happy to help!”


Discover how service providers are strengthening their client relationships and winning new business through IBM’s innovations.


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