VMWorld: Infrastructure perspectives from Rob Coventry


“I’m Rob Coventry, Vice President of Tech Sales Worldwide, for Storage and Software Defined.”


Why is IBM good for partners?

“Our cognitive and cloud strategy. Because at the end of the day what we believe customers are trying to do is take advantage of a massive amount of data that’s coming from all sorts of new sources as they digitise their companies. And at the end of the day, just being able to collect that information, it’s hard to keep pace. And so what cognitive is about, is about wrestling with all that data. And data of course is stored somewhere, and IBM storage is focused on that.

“And then of course, from a cloud perspective, cloud is a platform that you can use to build those cognitive systems to take advantage of all that data that you’ve got. One of the things that’s going to separate us from the competition, if it’s Amazon, or if it’s anybody else – Yahoo, you name it – is, we’re not in this business to take that over from our partners, we’re in it to help them become a better company, to help them enable that same capability from a cloud and cognitive perspective, as opposed to doing it for them and taking that business away from them.

“If you ask me, that’s the biggest thing that sets us apart from anyone else.”


What is your advice for service providers?

“So first they should probably dig into some of the new technologies that we have launched, that are enabling transparent cloud tiering across our whole portfolio. There’s a whole slew of new capabilities from a cloud capabilities perspective, in each of our product portfolio items across the board.

“In addition to that, we just, at VMWorld this week, announced a new capability in support of VM environments, called Spectrum Protect Plus. It’s a terrific opportunity for those customers, who, maybe see, ‘protect’ as a little heavy, as a way to be able to protect those cloud environments using VMWare.”


Discover how service providers are strengthening their client relationships and winning new business through IBM’s innovations.

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