VMWorld: Cloud perspectives from Jonathan Wisler


“My name is Jonathan Wisler, I’m the European Cloud lead for IBM Cloud Infrastructure.”

Why IBM?

“Well, it’s always nice to be here at VMWorld, we have a great long partnership with VMWare, really focused on the enterprise-grade cloud. So, I like being here, talking to partners, talking to customers, figuring out their problems and how we can solve those. And the longer we develop the partnership with VMWare, it’s clear that we’re leading in enterprise cloud.

“There are some announcements about other partners, it’s called what I’ll call VapourWare; it’s just started. But we’ve been developing these things for years, we have new announcements around migration tools, virtual desktops, SAP on VMWare, on our IBM Cloud.  So we’re really excited to see the new developments and how these are solving customer problems. And it continues to show our lead in hybrid cloud and enterprise-grade cloud, on IBM Cloud.”


Why should you choose IBM Cloud?

“So, today we announced a product called HDX, which is a migration tool to go from your on-premise cloud to an IBM Cloud, using VCF, or a V-centre server. So that’s basically your fastest route to cloud, without re-tooling, or re-managing your environment. And the other thing about that is it’s a much more secure solution. So you can bring your own network on there, you can do micro-segmentation. So it’s something other cloud providers can’t do. And you can get running in the cloud this week, so it’s not months and months of work. But now we have the tools for a partner to do a migration into the IBM Cloud, that you can’t do on other cloud providers.”


What is your advice for service providers?

“My recommendation is to reach out to your local IBM Cloud representative, your local IBM Cloud partner, and figure out how you can get engaged. I mean, there are pilots out there, we have highly technical teams, they can help you get started, because with cloud you can get started today, it’s easy to get your workloads in the cloud on VMWare.”

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