VMWorld: Infrastructure perspectives from Eric Herzog


“Welcome, my name is Eric Herzog, Chief Marketing Officer for IBM Storage Division, and also Vice President of Global Channels. I’m coming to you today, live, from VMWorld in Barcelona. Today we are featuring a number of solutions in our booth, for CPSs and MSPs. We are your ideal partner. Our VersaStack family delivers hybrid cloud technology.

“Partnering with Cisco, we’re able to increase your return on investment, reduce your total cost of ownership. We have about four or five public references that you can look at with other service providers across the world, who have deployed VersaStack to help them save money, deliver better solutions for their customers.

“At the same time, we’re also featuring our Spectrum family of software-defined storage solutions. This family is full of solutions that deliver hybrid cloud technology. Our transparent cloud tiering allows you to have your customers’ products on-site and tier them to your site. Whether that be backup as a service, disaster recovery as a service. Whether that be cloud or cognitive workloads, you can automatically tier data from on-site, out to your cloud.

“So, IBM offers an ideal solution for our cloud and managed service provider partners. Please come and see us. And thank you again, for thinking of IBM.”

Discover how service providers are strengthening their client relationships and winning new business through IBM’s innovations.

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