Video: Quantum computing expert explains concept in five levels of difficulty


Quantum computing approach solving problems in a fundamentally new way. Years of advancement in mathematics, materials science and computer science has transformed quantum computing from a theory to a reality.

Today, quantum computers are being used to learn, conduct research and tackle new problems once thought unsolvable. It could even one day provide breakthroughs in many different areas including material and drug discovery.

WIRED has challenged IBM’s Senior Manager in Quantum Research, Dr. Talia Gershon, to explain quantum computing in five levels of increasing complexity to five different people; a child, a teenager, a college student, a graduate student and a professional.

Today, quantum computing is a researcher’s playground, but in five years IBM is predicting it will be mainstream and used extensively by new categories of professionals and developers looking to this emerging method of computing. With this trend on the horizon, it’s important for Business Partners to be ready for any disruption in technology and how it can be embedded into their own solutions to benefit their customers.

Watch the video to see how Dr. Talia Gershon tackles the complexity of quantum computing at five different levels and gain an insight into what the technology could hold for the future.

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