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The need to deliver safe, consistent care is, of course, essential in healthcare.

The challenge is to balance this prime requirement with the increased demands on services faced by the stretched workforces of many healthcare organisations.

A solution lies in a holistic digital transformation for healthcare, powered by unlocking the full potential of data and Al.

Dr Mark Davies the Chief Medical Officer of IBM Corporation and IBM Watson Health, joins Heather Fraser, Global Lead for Healthcare & Life Sciences at IBM Institute for Business Value, to discuss the means of achieving this transformation in an IBM Watson Health informative webinar on-demand.

As they explain, digital transformation has never been so critical.


The IBM digital transformation strategy

Every healthcare organisation is increasingly confronted by ever-growing levels of health data.

The data is also forever expanding in variety, scope, and complexity,

While acknowledging the benefits to population health of data sharing, the sheer number of applications and systems in a typical healthcare organisation is placing normal procedures under an unsustainable pressure.

These demands also have to be coupled with the responsibility to protect data integrity and security in the face of increased threats.

Drawing on digital transformation case studies from leading UK hospitals, Dr Davies and Heather Fraser highlight opportunities to rethink and redesign healthcare by utilising digital capabilities in combination with cloud and AI technologies.

Broader data sets, for instance, can actually be leveraged to drive actionable insights.

As also explained, IBM’s industry-focused innovation is playing a key role in transforming these challenges into potential advantages, leading a revolution in healthcare.


Dr Mark Davies, BSc, FRCP, FRCGP

A fellow of the Royal college of Physicians and General Practitioners, Dr Mark Davies’s interest in system redesign and the power of technology to deliver better health outcomes led him to work nationally for over 10 years in a number of clinical leadership roles within UK government bodies.

Combining this invaluable insight into government health strategy with international experience in the technology industry has enabled him to produce leading work on health data initiatives.

A faculty member on the primary care home programme at the National Association of Primary Care, along with being a non-executive director for the British Medical Journal, he now serves as Chief Medical Officer, Europe, Middle East & Africa, IBM Corporation and IBM Watson Health.


Heather Fraser, BPharm (Hons), MBA, MRPharmS  

With a career spanning healthcare, life sciences, community pharmacy, consulting, and technology, Heather Fraser is committed to changing how traditional and non-traditional parties across healthcare think about using new technologies to provide optimum patient outcomes.

Her research and leadership include stimulating collaboration amongst life sciences, providers, payers, regulators, and beyond, incorporating fields as diverse as nutrition, electronics, and telecoms.

She is working to improve patient outcomes through encouraging the use of emerging technologies, such as cognitive computing in pharmacovigilance, and blockchain for clinical trials.

Heather Fraser presently holds the position of Global Lead for Healthcare & Life Sciences, IBM Institute for Business Value, IBM Industry Academy Member.


Enhancing all enterprises with innovative technology

Healthcare is changing like never before, with patients demanding an integrated, personalised continuum of care, while life expectancy is increasing just as families are more widely dispersing.

Personalised healthcare is essential – and IBM’s Ecosystem Advocacy Group (EAG) and support programmes ensure your healthcare clients provide it.

IBM innovation enables your healthcare clients to effectively respond to their four biggest challenges: integration, personalisation, data security, and finance.

But IBM Technology also understands the needs of business stretching far wider than healthcare alone.

Today every industry is faced with ever-increasing expectations. Which is why IBM provide a range of enterprise-relevant technologies and support programmes you can leverage in your solutions.

Would you like to know more about how IBM’s smart, scalable innovations help enterprises work better?

You can discover here how IBM healthcare technologies can lead to digital transformations.

Then register today to watch our webinar, Digital transformation in healthcare: how to unlock the full potential of data and Al.

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