Unified endpoint management made smarter

The ways in which the world works and communicates through technology are changing, and as a result, the security needs of enterprises around the world are evolving, too.

More and more enterprises are using mobile devices to get work done, and in many cases, employees use their own devices to do so, a practice known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). How corporate data is protected in that environment, and how well it is integrated with the rest of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure, is now a critical business consideration.

Those enterprises are looking to service providers like you to meet these security challenges with unified endpoint management solutions such as IBM MaaS360 with Watson.

In this whitepaper, you can learn about the range of actions and hardware that MaaS360 can cater for, including wearables, Internet of Things devices and migration to Windows 10. You’ll also discover how the cognitive power of Watson can help turn reactive security protection into proactive management that can shut down threats before they can have an effect on your clients and their data.

Learn more about the necessity of unified endpoint management in this short video.

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